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Day 21 & 22: Very rude



So for Day 21 of my rejection therapy, I had to ask someone if I look like a celebrity. More than one person has told me that I kinda resemble Rowan Atkinson (the Mr. Bean guy), and while I disagree with them (there is a really small resemblance, I wouldn't say I look like him), that's the celebrity that I would ask someone about.

So I'm walking through this park towards my tram station and I spot this woman (aged 18-21) walking towards me and I start preparing (telling myself "it's going to be over in a minute"). When she's near enough I ask her the question, and to my surprise she wasn't angry or annoyed or anything and actually answered my question and even smiled about it.


The answer by the way was "No". Then I asked if I look like Rowan Atkinson specifically, and she still said no. She was pretty nice actually, didn't look at me like I was crazy or anything, but yeah that was it, I thanked her and left.


Next day wasn't as good. I had to ask someone their thoughts about something on the news. I wanted to use something that wouldn't be sad or offensive to anyone, so I chose to ask about the Russians going into space with the Olympic torch, which I thought was pretty cool. This time my target was this about 50 year old lady. When she's about a meter away I start with "Excuse me", and she kinda stops for a second and looks at me. Then I continue "What are your thoughts about.." and while I was still talking she just immediately takes off, completely ignoring me. So I'm standing there, still trying to finish my sentence while she's already walking away, not even looking back at me. Wow.


I think this might have been the worst reaction I've gotten, even the people being angry at me was better.


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Yeah she's a rude lady. She probably thought you were a pollster polling random people for their reactions, but even still that is a bit rude.

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