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So I saw the RSOS on my previous blog (someone else brought it to my attention)

Man ive been living under SOME rock to not have known about this.

I currently have a job on weekends that leaves me with ALOT of computer time.

Ive been looking for a game to keep me occupied, but RS3 was too much.


I am mostly broke, but my father, knowing how bored I gets, graciously let me get a 1 month sub starting TODAY, specifically to play RSOS!


So Skullshogun lives again!


Starting from lvl 1 in each skill again lol. Now at least I kinda know what to do to power level to at least a decent skill level in each! im so happy. Time to start with getting my dudes combat stats to level 10 each! then ill start WC and fletching , and runecrafting. MY favorite skills :3


Glad to be back to the old school runescape I remember leaving!


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I thought I posted that XD. Guess not...

Already total level 74 lol

15 WC, 18 FM, and only 8 ATK.

The rest are negligible. Though I just did rune mysteries, time to noob mine ess for 15 or so levels ROFL

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Good luck. Do some of the quests to get lots of combat xp. Try the Grand Tree, Vampire Slayer (spelled right in old school), and Waterfall. Do them as a lower level too, it will be more enjoyable when it's not a pushover. Plus it's a great start.

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took me a long time to figure out what you meant by rsos most people call it 07scape.


Do what shooter said and try to come by RS3 from time to time. Not very many here mainly play 07scape, I think its really only Warrior Zynk.

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lol Well, i created a new account so i could learn the basics and the layouts. My main is 97 F2p 107 members... I still have it, and still have some good items, so im not leting that go to waste.

But I want nostalgia, and little by little ill learn the new system. I just dont want to go doing high level stuff when i barely know how to navigate and fight properly. Lower risk to learn, and when i get used to it jump back on my main.


BUT to be honest, I fully intend on using 07scape (using your term...) way more then RS3. Im not really in it for highscores or anything, but I just understand 07scape and find it more enjoyable to play. Theres too much interface and pop ups and more importantly, LAG. I get way more lag on RS3 then I have on RS2.0 (when it was actually 2.0).


I guess the only issue is the item pool. Theres no GE in 07scape, and i can imagine, since everyone there has had to go to PRE GE time, its a pain to find decent items like barrows sets and whatnot. I heard of a few sites that are good for setting up trades in 07scape. But unlike the GE, where it made it a TON easier to not have to necessarily coordinate... I have to meet up with a person.


Who knows though. I might get bored of 07scape and dabble with RS3 more then I currently think I will. I do have massive ADD :P

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