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Hmm... maybe something to this...(Screens)

SOoo... Since Sunday I have been playing Runescape again!

Been very happy in many ways.


I didn't realize they had kept some old jagex servers for 07scape at first, if you read my last blog entry lol.

I started to play that again from scratch and got to a total level of 347.

I was having a lot of fun, brought back some ole memories.



Theres a screen of my skills lol. I had alot of fun sunday at work (as im sitting down at a computer for long periods of time anyway, bored out of my mind in most cases), and I continued onto monday and tuesday. Went to WC and Fletching, my go to skills (what I remember to be the two best money making combo, coupled with runecrafting nats for high alching longbows lol)


Only trouble I have is that there is no Grand Exchange... I know I heard of a site that people can look for items and stuff, but I long for a time where people would stand at the banks of the main cities and just yell out items they were selling in pretty colors. rofl.

Alas, there are not enough people in the servers these days to do so.


HOWEVER.. this does not sadden me THAT much. It kind of motivates me as far as in the game overall. It makes me want to get VERY high levels again and be completely self sufficient, only looking to find extremely rare items when I have a lot of money saved. But do what my old account did. Ill be happy with that just for the nostalgia.




BUT, I DID take the advice of some others and give RS3 a try... I had no idea where I was at when I logged in, so I home teled and just tried to get reaquainted with stuff. The only skill I had under 30-40 was Divination.. so I went for that and learned the skill a bit. I clicked a ton on the windows and started to get a feel for the interface. It DID take my old eyes a while to understand, and also to notice the adjustable sizes XD.

Although I still dont necessarily like the fight mechanics... I will admit the graphics are ridiculous. And skilling is almost the same otherwise. I got to 22-23 Div and decided to try the skills i remember. I mined some ores, even used some div to weave iron into silver. I think I found a new way to get crafting up while mining a bit :P. I remember silver mining being annoying, but iron is just about everywhere...


Anyways,.. so its not a complete loss i suppose. I do still have all my armor and stuff, though I feel like I have less money then I remember... but I have over 300 of every rune at least... allllll my pure essence, about 4Ks worth, and some pouches for abyssal runecrafting still lol. I tried my hand at that and got about 200 more laws and nature runes each in just a few runs. Not alot of XP, but I do remember it being money lol.

Mined some more ess to replenish (i remembered the magic guild tele in yanille)


I guess I was mostly confused by 1) the graphics and where the heckle I was (still dont know exactly..) and 2) learning the interface. It DID take me some time to learn that... but I was doing a menial task, starting divination lol. I attacked some stray creatures, but since my account is actually i think 167 combat now? (did they change the number on these things too...?) Most things between lumbridge and seers village dont hurt me... So I learned the fight mechanic a bit without risk of dying, and clicked the windows and figured out how to arrange and remove and all this.

The chat window is still a mystery to me, but hey who knows.

Atm on RS3, just fishing monks. Still only 81 fishing, Gotta work on it :P. And ill cook em too, 81 cooking lol.

I'm kind of glad I get both RS3 and 07scape actually... now im twice as happy since I took yawls advice and tried it XD





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Imo they should have implemented the GE into 07scape and nothing else. As you have just experienced, it a massive time saver. It's absurd they put in the God Wars Dungeon.


Yeah combat level is highest combat stat (besides defense) + defense +2. Lowest level is 4, highest is 200.


Good luck with everything

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wow lol. They left the god Wars Dungeon? I remember that... it had ridiculously strong monsters you could never hope to solo for very long LOL.


Yeah... the GE was in it a little later... even just the old version that had like 2 bank/exchange stations would help ALOT. SOMETHING... There cant be too many items on those servers still.... someone has to kill monsters for some of that stuff like D. armor and certain weapons.. i cant image there are too many to begin with, but the GE just made it convenient as far as dont gotta meet nobody to trade. Just pop in your money or goods and done.

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