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It's been a crazy week!



So I might have said this somewhere already, but I was supposed to be DJing yesterday in a University ball/party.

This week already started off pretty busy, because since the semester is coming to an end, there's loads of tests and stuff, and in addition to that I'm sitting home practicing my DJing pretty much every day :D


So then like 2 days before the event, I still haven't received any info like "when should I be there", "what kind of cables do I need to bring" etc., so I message this organizer guy in skype, and after talking for a few minutes he tells me that for the ball they need slow music, rock & roll (because of the theme of the ball), something for the couples...so I'm like "What??" You're telling me this now? Like 2 days before the event, you tell me that I need to completely change my set.


Imagine me - this electronic music DJ, who doesn't listen to any non-electronic music, let alone rock & roll, and now I have to play hours of rock & roll (the ball/party was Great Gatsby themed and yes I know that Rock & Roll wasn't in the 1920s, but that's what they told me to play), which is an insane pain in the ass by the way, if you're a DJ you understand (impossible to beat match). So like 2 days before the event I'm scrambling to find rock & roll, shizzle that I never listen to and never will listen to again.


If you're saying - don't DJ events if they require different music from the one you have, then 1) at the beginning when they asked me to DJ, I gave them my mixcloud with my mixes and they said it's fine 2) they told me the "news" 2 days before the event, sure I could've just told them off and quit the job, but there was no way they would've found a new DJ that would DJ swing/rock & roll music for hours in 2 days, so I kinda helped them out even they fudgeed me over.


There was this thing that saved me, though - Swing House. It's this combination of House music and Swing and even though I'm not a big fan of it, it was still House music so I enjoyed it a lot more than this shizzlety Elvis Presley and whatever else I had to play at the beginning.


I thought the event was going to be a disaster, but I think I kinda saved it and did it well enough. Even got to play some Electrohouse for a few minutes, and that basically made the whole night worthwhile :)


But yeah this is a lesson for you guys - don't ever DJ uni/school parties if they are organized by the students, because they are really incompetent and have no idea what they even want.


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Woah what did you call Elvis Presley music????


No rejections? :(


I wasn't particularly fond of it before, but after this event I've started to even hate it :P (mainly because of how hard it is to beatmatch it, it's like musicians back then had no sense of rhythm at all)


And yeah, the week was stressful enough that I really didn't need to additionally try to get rejected every day. Sorry.

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wow u no maybe i think house sucks but u don't see me going round making blog posts about how its shizzlety

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wow u no maybe i think house sucks but u don't see me going round making blog posts about how its shizzlety


go ahead and do that, if that's your opinion :)

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