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Well Dagg



unfortunately Just what I thought would happen did...


I recently started to play RS3 again, as per my other blog entries...

I started divination got to 33 in it, and noticed potential for crafting with it. Transmute 3 iron into 1 silver, transmute 3 silver into 1 gold...

Iron is easy to mine, Im lvl 80 mining. Silver and Gold are pretty easy too, but the locations are not as good, only mining at the crafting guild would be consistent enough. But its kinda far from a bank...


I figured I could just mine a BuuUuunch of iron, like lets say to start 3K. Then you transmute that into 1K silver, and then into 300ish gold. MAYBE inefficient, but only if you dont collect all the weavable dreams. beforehand lol. Should only take 1K of those...


Idk if this is efficient at all, but i figured its faster to mine iron then it is to mine silver or gold, and having to mine so much more of it also means more mining exp over all.


I have also used the coal carts since they updated them. I remember when only like 4 loads fit into it, I sat there for quite a while until I discovered mine was 196 when full XD. Freaked me out at first too when i didn't have to MANUALLY fill the coal trucks lol. I got 196+28 coal last night XD Didn't think the cart would hold that much so didnt think id be there that long ROFL. half an hour maybe ish on that?


ANyways, the problem though...

is that my old arse laptop ive had since 2008 does not have what is considered a decent processor anymore...

So, RS3 loads to the "Play!" page with the worlds menu, I log in, saw one still shot of the screen, and got logged out about 30 seconds after logging in.

Not enough minerals to play this game :\

So, guess thats what RSOS/07Scape is for, THAT will indeed load just fine :P


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RuneScape has been very laggy lately, I bought my gaming laptop (and it's a pretty decent laptop) in 2011 and I lag a lot sometimes.

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It was lagging on 07Scape too actually. Didnt notice it so much with WCing, it would lag a log or two without sound, and catch up in a split sec. It used to do that before too, but I was on a server with less then 200 people XD (and in my country of course).


I did get to play though... I got to WC 48, 44 fletching I believe? Gained like 10 levels in WCing just yesterday and I think almost the same in fletching, maybe a little less.

I also got to 30 mining (yay pure ess), and finally got some dang GP... I had like 1K in my bank and some kind stranger gave me 80K to help me out (so I could buy a rune axe for Wcing and whatnot). And made about 20K myself in strung bows (sold to archery shop in varrock. Hey, even oak and willow bows are worth SOMETHING lolol)

I had fun at least.

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