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Day 28 and 29: Great day + getting wasted on a monday!



A lot of stuff has happened in these last 2 days! More on that later tho, first of all my rejection therapy stuff :P So on Monday my goal was to "ask for no tax on a purchase".


I tried this at a supermarket, and well you can probably guess how that turned out :D The cashier at least didn't get offended or anything, just kinda smiled and said no. I probably should've tried this at a smaller place, though, not something owned by a big company. But well, what's done is done :D


Today I was eating at McDonalds and that was the perfect opportunity to do another rejection thing, because I remembered this from one of the cards - "Ask for a tour of a restaurant’s kitchen". So I approach the cashier and just casually ask "Hey umm can I have a tour of your kitchen?". She goes "Why?" and I'm like "You know, just cause." She looked at me suspiciously as if I was going to steal the food from their kitchen or something and yeah just told me that they can't do that. I dunno, I've heard of kids getting a tour when celebrating birthday parties at McDonalds, but that was a while ago.


In other news...


So yesterday I had to go to this kinda semi-formal dinner at a pretty high class restaurant, to meet this man from Sweden who basically pays for my scholarship. Basically, when I applied for one, I got chosen for this one and basically he just chose 5 different students from different spheres that he thought were important for the society. I was the Computer Science student with another guy, and there were 3 other girls, one of which was studying to become a doctor, another studying culture or something like that and the last one actually studying construction (which is interesting, because she is a girl and that doesn't happen a lot).


I was incredibly nervous, because I had never been to something this formal, especially with this very important, rich man and his friends (a man who works at a bank in Latvia, and a Latvian actor), and I was constantly afraid of doing something rude accidentally :D I even googled up some info on what to do and what not to do at formal dinners :D


But it wasn't that bad, I didn't do anything stupid and it was ok actually :) So anyway, when the dinner is over, we (the 5 students) leave. One thing that I'm going to mention is that we didn't talk that much during the dinner, unless we were talked to (because nervous), but now when outside for some reason we started chatting with eachother and decided to just walk for a bit towards our public transport stations. It's kinda fitting now to mention, that one of these girls was pretty attractive so I was starting to get a little flirty with her :P


So then within the next 30 minutes, our group becomes smaller and smaller, because one of us stays at their station or gets in a bus or whatever, until there are 3 of us left - me, this other CompSci guy and the girl that I was into. So what I do is I just say "Lets go grab a drink". The CompSci guy doesn't want to, because he doesn't drink alcohol so basically it's just me and the girl now. She accepts! (at this moment I'm noticing that she's into the "irresistable Fabis", so that makes it even better :D)


So here we are, sitting at this bar on a Monday evening (with me having a test the very next day) just drinking and talking about stuff. We sit there pretty much until the bar closes at 4 AM, we go outside and she wants me to walk with her for a bit, and I tell her "No way", because I've learned that if you buy girls drinks, hold their purses and generally act "too nice" (as in Beta), you're not going to get very far. Well, it works (not really a big surprise), she actually walks in my direction for a bit, I kiss her, pull back first (leaving her wanting for more), tell her that we're going to meet again and then we went on our separate ways :)


I ended my last relationship about a month back without actually getting very far, so I'm excited to see where this goes :)


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I wouldn't be surprised if they let you tour their kitchen. I've heard of it happening too, but since it was kind of out of the blue and you didn't know anybody who worked there it's not shocking they turned you down.

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