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It's been a crazy, eventful year.


I spent the first 6 or so months of the year juggling working too much at a fast food restaurant and trying to do my A levels. It wasn't fun, but just like famed singer and one of the greatest humans to ever live, Daniel Bedingfield, I got through it. The whole time I was excited to just get it over and done with - after a summer where I continued to work too much, didn't sleep that much at all, and spent an inordinate amount of time discussing football tactics on Twitter and watching the U21 Euros, I got my grades, my place at university, and even managed to finish working. Given that I didn't have a weekend off until late September - when I moved to uni - it's very odd to say I've not done any work since then. Will probably have to change that in the new semester, as a weekend job would be pretty useful, but still.


University is probably the thing that's changed the most about me. I'm somehow more disciplined in my sleeping patterns, which perhaps says more about what I was like before, but given that all my lectures are at 9am you really have to be in control about things. I've realised I can adapt pretty well to most situations and have no trouble looking after myself, I've cried drunkenly under a girl's bed at 2pm for no real reason, and I've made a group of good friends with whom I'm not always the running joke of the group.


Life is good. If 2014 continues on this trajectory, it'll be the best one yet


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