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Merry Christmas + sorry i was gone lol



Yeah sorry, I didn't write up the "log" of my Day 30 (woowooo) of rejections, but really finally the holidays are here and I just didn't really want to sit down and write a blog post, so I'm kinda forcing myself to do it now :D


Anyway, yup Day 30 was hit, and it felt awesome! And it was really weird too - the card said "Invite someone to workout with you" which is kinda weird, and it probably meant like your friend, but I was like "fudge it" and just asked a stranger, so you can probably imagine how awkward it was :D The guy I asked, instantly made a confused (kinda offended) face, said no and just left. While he was weirded out, I was feeling awesome and congratulating myself on 30 Days of doing stupid shizzle, yaaay! :bigpresent:


I'm pausing it for now, because well I can't really do it while I'm not going anywhere outside of my house, and I'm mostly staying home for the holidays. Think of this as like a Season 1 :D


As for Christmas, I wish you all a very good one, even if you're sitting at home with no christmas decorations, no christmas music, you can always fix that, just dim the light (so you cant see that you don't have decorations :D) and put on some christmas playlist on your PC speakers. Yeah, okay, well, see ya!


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Season 1 is over, is it on netflix yet?


It's going to be a Hulu Plus exclusive.

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