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*whew* Here's an update!



A lotta stuff has happened since the new year and I've been putting off writing a blog post about it because well, the stuff is still happening, but well I decided to write something up quickly.




So first of all New Years Eve. It was fudgeing crazy. I'm not going to go into many details because a lot of stuff happened, but basically I celebrated NYE with my friends at one of theirs' apartment, and occasionally we went out to do other stuff (like went to watch the fireworks at 00:00 and then went to some pubs in the Old City), and during the night I got crazy drunk (hadn't happened for a while), lost a glove and got my phone pickpocketed from me. It was nuts! Even though I lost stuff, I think it was a great night overall.




That brings me to the next thing - my phone. I had this HTC Wildfire for like 3 years, it had gone through a lot of shizzle (I once went swimming with it in my pocket, so it was submerged for a couple of minutes and still worked afterwards, even though the battery was kinda shizzle) and it was like a family member to me at that point :D But well, honestly it wasn't that good. It was a budget phone when I bought it and now it was pretty bad. I had rooted it though and installed some ROMs which made the experience with it a little better though. But yeah, I had put off buying a new phone for a while now because I'm cheap and my phone really wasn't my priority, but now I just had to do it. So I bought a Nokia Lumia 820. That's right I've left Android and joined the Windows party! And you know, it's really good. I'm loving it. It looks nice, it works nice, the only disadvantage of it is that it isn't as open as Android, so you can't do everything. Other than that, it's great! I bought it because I have Windows 8.1 on my laptop, and I recently installed Windows 8.1 on my main PC at home too, so they all work wonderfully together - syncing everything and stuff.


University Stuff


Another thing that's going on at the moment is the exam session. I don't know if that's how you call it in English, but basically we have something that we call the "Session" which basically means you get exams at the end of the first semester and they are spread out throughout January, so I'm basically spending most of the time at home studying and getting ready for various exams. I had one today and I have one tomorrow, so I want to finish this up quickly and get back to work :D


Trap Turf


My promotional Trap music channel is doing really well too. It recently hit 5000 subscribers and I also recently received my first paycheck from the ads :) So I'm really excited for the future and I'm already planning to spread out, because electronic music is like my main passion and hobby and it is just as important to me as my CompSci education, so I'm really excited for the future of Trap Turf and other stuff I'm planning :)


And that's it for now, that's what's been going on in my life :D See you next time!


P.S. Here's something cool.


Heard this in a recent Flosstradamus mix, and god damn, this thing is massive. It's already apparent that people will go nuts to this thing when it comes out! Probably going to be the next "Animals" :D


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Lumia master race woo~~~ The guy behind the root tools for WP7 has been working on WP8 for a while now and is reportedly getting close to being able to properly root it, so expect it in the next couple of months.


Good luck with your exams and congrats on reaching 5K subs, that's pretty cool :D

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