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Young Leo


Sort of weird but I had an epiphany/sudden urge late Monday night to get my level 86 Firemaking to 99. Figured after almost 10 years of off/on playing I should probably have at least one 99, so yeah.



7.7m xp to go, so hopefully with burning maples and keeping up with schoolwork I can get it by the end of next week.


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With bonfires it's pretty AFK. It's not a very prestigious 99, but it's still a skillcape.

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Just when you are doing any work on the computer do bonfires. You might want to make your own bonfire each time to ensure minimum attention is required. I used to do a similar thing with artisan's workshop and it worked pretty well. You should get 99 pretty quickly.

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Tip: build each initial bonfire with a magic log. It'll last longer and give more xp/log.

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GL firemaking was my first 99. Should be easier with bonfires though.


And according to army Herb Habitat is 300k xp an hour for free may want to look into that.

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