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Help me with a vector graphic



So I've barely ever worked with Inkscape, and I'm trying to turn this bitmap into a vector. I've pretty much finished it, but there are some parts that have stuck together, and I've been messing around with path nodes for an hour now and I can't figure out how to separate those parts again.


Here's what I mean:



I've circled the parts that have stuck together when tracing a bitmap, and it would be cool if you could separate them for me!

Here's the .svg: https://www.mediafire.com/?yu2jykm9kk922w0


And there's another thing. I've made a prototype logo for a project of mine, and I think it just looks really plain. I was thinking of adding like these small, stylized patches of grass (so they fit with the minimalistic beartrap) around the beartrap, but I'm no artist so there's no way I can do it in a way that looks nice :D See if you can make it look any less plain. I've attached a GIMP project: http://www.mediafire.com/download/cdshmi01xskbb6j/slazds.xcf


Thanks in advance!


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