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RuneScape Taught Me Basic Graphic Design



In my journalism class, we've started our graphic design where we teach the newcomers to the program how to layout newspaper pages and all the skills that are required in the process. We use Adobe InDesign with a touch of Photoshop. I've always been proficient with the program and as editor-in-chief I spent most of my time in this unit helping the cubs with basic elements and tools. One day I was teaching the class about layers and how they work, when someone asked, "Where did you learn this?"


I thought for a minute, and remembered that the first time I learned about transparency, layers, rendering, and such was back when I would make RuneScape signatures for this forum--for myself and (sometimes) for others. It's really odd to think that all that tinkering around with GIMP back as a 11 year old actually turned out to be a beginner's level proficiency in a valuable and marketable skill. Thanks Sals :P


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I agree, while I am far from a graphics wizard, I think I am well ahead of most of my peers with regards to using paint and GIMP. I'm not sure that will have any practical effects for me though, unlike you.

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Yup, the faking forum has taught me nearly everything I know, and it turns out to be useful at times.

That may not offset the lack of productivity that came of my Scaping, but it's still nice. -.-

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It's weird how many people picked up Photoshop at a young age, including me. I can't really think of any other software that's like that.

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