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Super awesome fun Steam giveaway lottery deluxe 2014 Anno Domini!



Guess who uselessly stocked their inventory with some Steam games a while ago...




That's right! Your friendly neighborhood Guitarguy!


The games you'll find (or not find) above are so incredibly awesome that your library probably isn't cool enough to currently own them. That means you will not only win a FREE game if you win this lottery, but it'll be super SURPRISING and SUSPENSEFUL and SHIZZLE.


The rules are simple:

-Guess a number between one and fifty. The first one to guess the correct one will win.

-The number comes from a random number generator, so don't give me that 37 shizzle. Well, it might be 37 anyway, but do what you want.

-If you're weird awesome enough to already have the game I'm planning on giving out, I'll back you up with another obscure awesome game. If you happen to already have both of them, then you probably don't need free games. -.-

-You have one guess every two hours. If you exceed that limit, I'll delete your comment or something even if you won.

-You have to have a steam account to play, dipshizzle.




Recommended Comments

Wrong! :D


I'll check this quite often since I have no life, so everybody can keep guessing and I'll notify the winner both via PM and by posting here.


Also, I took a screenshot of the random number generator result, so you can see that it's dated for today and not have doubts and stuff.

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Using the holistic decision making system, where every occurence, number & action ultimately act upon every other thing & will lead you to the correct point - no matter how unusual & long the path may be :


I guess 9000

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Next time I'll probably make it 1-30 or something.


No winners yet. For the sake of speeding things up, I'll mention that one guess was one point away.

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If the extremely unlikely event occurs that you guess at the same time as somebody else with the same number, the latter poster can edit and guess again. -.-

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9:49 - 8:29 = 1:20 < 2:00; This guess is invalid. ~Guitarguy

Yeah lol I think I edited it out. :D

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