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Man, the situation is Ukraine is really escalating. The events happening there feel very much like what happened in 1991, when the Baltic states where trying to win independence from the USSR. Back then Latvia had declared independence, but USSR was still trying to get everything back in control, so barricades were set up all around the center of Riga, while OMON units and Tanks were trying to get in. So yeah, very similar situation.


I wish everyone over in Ukraine luck, hope they defeat the government and finally gain independence from Russia!


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I've been watching some of the Ukraine stuff, it's seriously a medieval war with the riot police and rioters all running at each other. It's insane.

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Yeah I've heard that too about the protests, pretty crazy. I'm interested in hearing what happens tomorrow (hopefully nothing).

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I heard about protestors getting shot in the head / neck by professional snipers, it sounds like it's really heating up. I hope a civil war doesn't break out.

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