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crap crap crap forgot about this STEAM GIVEAWAY #4



This time the winner can PICK between the best games in the universe.


Which, again, are Bad Rats and Super Hexagon. How lucky you are.


Copy&pasted rules from last time, with minor changes:

-Guess a number from one to thirty. The first one to guess the correct one will win.

-The number comes from a random number generator.

-If you already have both games, don't play, silly.

-You have one guess every two hours. If you exceed that limit, I'll delete your comment or something even if you won.

-This transaction is only possible through Steam, so have a Steam account or go make one for this awesome game.

-Apparently you have to be friends with somebody on Steam to send gifts, so the tradeoff is that you'll have to be my friend for several minutes.


Again, 1 - 30




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Guitarguy, on , said:


im gona mill burray ur mom, on , said:


no i won ur dog

noob im cat

breaking news

its official guitar guy isn't a brony he's a cat


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