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Ukraine Crisis






- The Fremennik areas are the USSR

- Rellekka is pre-1954 Russia

- The lighthouse peninsula is pre-1954 Crimea

- The Barbarian Outpost is pre-1954 Ukraine




1954 - 2012

- Rellekka (Russia) gives the lighthouse peninsula (Crimea) to the Barbarian Outpost (Ukraine)

- The Fremennik areas (USSR) break up

- Rellekka (Russia) and the Barbarian Outpost (Ukraine) agree that Rellekka (Russia) can keep its lighthouse (Navy Fleet) where it is, provided it doesn't attack expand without the permission of the Barbarian Outpost (Ukraine)


2013 onwards

- The Barbarian Outpost (Ukraine) is wracked by games of Barbarian Assault (violent protests)

- Captain Cain (President Yanukovych) sends a letter to Chieftain Brundt (President Putin) asking for help

- Captain Cain (President Yanukovych) is forced to flee by the Penance creatures (Kiev protesters)

- The Penance Queen (Acting President Turchynov) assumes control of the Barbarian Outpost

- Chieftain Brundt (President Putin) sends Fremennik warriors (the Russian Army) to the lighthouse peninsula (Crimea)

- Chieftain Brundt (President Putin) claims that the population of the lighthouse peninsula (Crimea) feel threatened by the Penance Queen (Acting President Turchynov)

- Chieftain Brundt (President Putin) states that Rellekka (Russia) reserves the right to protect any fellow Fremenniks (Russian citizens) against the Penance creatures (Ukrainian citizens)

- Chieftain Brundt (President Putin) refuses to recognise the Penance Queen (Acting President Turchyov) as the new Captain (President) of the Barbarian Outpost (Ukraine)

- Chieftain Brudnt (President Putin) insists that Captain Cain (President Yanukovych) is still the legitimate Captain (President) of the Barbarian Outpost (Ukraine)

- King Arthur (David Cameron), King Roald (President Obama) and various others heavily condemn Rellekka's (Russia's) action and accuse Rellekka (Russia) of breaking the Guthixian Edicts (international law)

- King Arthur (David Cameron), King Roald (President Obama) and various others suspend various diplomatic visits and economic meetings with Rellekka (Russia), demanding Chieftain Brundt (President Putin) recall the Fremennik warriors (the Russian Army)


Any questions?


Recommended Comments

Crown Prince Anlaf of Burthorpe (Tony Abbot) also condemns Rellekka's (Russia's) actions & threatens various punative expulsions & trade limitations and is promptly ignored by everyone as a giant prat with no real power.

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