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Haven't blogged for like 6 months and there's not much activity in this section so figured I'd write a blog!


Not that I have much to say really! I've finished the academic part of my 2nd year of university, starting a five week placement as an assistant teacher in a secondary school in two weeks time, English department. Terrified but looking forward to finally getting some hands on experience in a classroom.


Still working in the Student's Union shop, but have also recently got a job in the Student's Union bar too - gonna be working both of those come September! Yay me!


Not a whole lot else to say really, but hi :cute:


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Glad to hear Uni is being such a fun experience for you. :D

Hope everything is ok with you mate, I miss you!

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Haha I just read it! Looking forward to it! And don't worry, I've never played online and the computer opponents are very predictable, so as long as you finish the tut and more or less understand the concept of the game I'm sure we'll both be at the same level. :P

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