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Hi my names Aight



I did a writeup but it deleted for some reason







been a while since I've done one of these, but I want to get this off my chest - people told me this girl was into me, i didnt believe it since frankly she was out of my league and we texted and talked every day, a friend asked her out to prom(I was going to but didn't because he told me he was going to and I didn't tell him I was planning on it) and then we texted a little and she said she wish I asked her to prom and she always asked me why we don't hang out more often and I always made excuses because she asked me to hang out and I felt it would be awkward since she's going to prom with my bro, but they we havent really talked a lot, because I dont want to respond when she says "Haha" since I don't want to carry a damn conversation if she doesn't want to have one, but then she'll always poke me and shizzle which AFAIK mean shes somewhat into me - and they went last night(to prom) and she looked gorgeous and now im sad again D:




It's poorly formatted, kind of indicative of how my mind is functioning right now


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I don't think there's any guy in the world who has not experienced something similar. I feel ya bro

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This actually happened to me, but slightly reversed. The girl I liked asked my best friend to Morp (Prom backwards; girl asks the guy), and I felt pretty crushed. But I talked it out with him, and he agreed with her that they were just going as friends, and eventually he wing manned with me when I asked her out last week.


Just try and make the best of the situation, don't give up hope just yet.


EDIT: Sounds like she's into you as well, if she wanted you to ask her to prom. Make a move!

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