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Continuing from yesterday's blog.



So I have been looking around what will be my new campus (assuming they accept me :P) for jobs. The person who will be my adviser for my major, informed me that there will be jobs open to me, that will involve my major. However, since I haven't had classes in this specific are of my major yet,and they use different programs and equipment than I'm used to, I am thinking I will wait, and get another job first. Mainly, I am debating what kind of job I want to get down there. The apartment I am currently looking at is on a one year lease, meaning I could stay in it for summer, since I would be paying for it anyways. So I could quit my current job (which is a bitter-sweet idea, since I hate the job, but love the co-workers..except for management, which depends on their mood), and stay close to my new college, and just stay down there so I don't need to deal with family issues, and I can keep whatever job I get down there.


I don't think I want a factory job, so chances are, I will be getting whatever job I can find. Right now, I am thinking of working at Chipotle though :P


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Hey what school, if you tell me I'll tell you what school I go to.


Know what you'll be studying?

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anything that doesn't involve factory line work is at least 10 times better than factory line work*




*this includes garbage collecting

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It'd be nice to work in your field. It'd contribute to your education.

Chipotle > Work in field

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