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I have to get this off my chest



Just got a job at Wendy's, started Tuesday. The papers said I'd be working Wednesday 4-8 and Sat/Sunday, but I ended up working Tues-Thurs this week, and I'm working tomorrow from 11:30-8 and Sunday 12-5:30





I keep getting this feeling of nervousness and stress. I haven't ever been depressed, but I don't really enjoy anything because of work, I want to study for SATs and finals and work out but I can't because I work 5 days a week and I'm not mentally prepared for it I guess - even now, I've done it for 3 days(mostly drive through, trained with a coworker who seems like a bro on how to make sandwiches but stopped) and did more drive thru - I fudgeed up a few orders, and two of my coworkers told me that the first few weeks were overwhelming, and I guess they're right.



I have to talk to my manager so I can do 4 days a week instead of 5 I guess


I don't see myself working there for a year, Ramadan is in a month and it seems counterintuitive to fast and work in fast food, so there's that - but I really hate this nervous feeling that usually goes away when I get to work, then comes back when I get out.



Thanks for reading


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Right I can help here in some sections.


a) Ramadan - My father owned a few restaurant for like 20 years and waited tables during Ramadan and my mother cooks throughout Ramadan and they don't have an issue with the food being there cos tbh after like the 4th day fasting is easy. It's only the first 4 days where you need to adjust to the change in eating. If you're wondering I was brought up a Muslim, however I'm not really religious any more and I don't abide by the religious laws.


b) Your boss shouldn't be an ass about your SATs, just say ask your boss for shorter shifts.


c) A friend of mine works at TGI Fridays(chain restaurant in the UK dunno if it's big in the US) and she waits tables and she fudges up too(embarrassing things like dropping plates/spilling water on front of the customers) and she just brushes it off and moves onto the next day/customer


d) Wait until your payday comes then MONEY MONEY MONEY ALL DAY ERRY DAY

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I'm not sure if the papers you refer too are the job ad, a guideline/job description or a contract, if its the latter you should have right of refusal on extra shifts if they are going to clash with other commitments (religious/study/whatever).

Its not a good idea to refuse to be flexible @ all, if nothing else extra money is very handy, but when you talk with the manager explain you need time to meet other needs in your life and are willing to try, but not to guarantee, availability beyond your base hours. Accepting extra shifts & not turning up would be as bad or worse than a total refusal, so unless you've had enough & want to leave the job don't try that either.

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Also another word of advice: never be nervous to talk to your manager/boss about these things. They probably worked at your age too and had to worry about those things. But like Bwauder said, if the paper you're referring to reflects the hours you should be working, then I do not see a problem with just bringing it up to your boss/manager.

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Foodservice is a pretty flexible industry when it comes to scheduling (source: have worked in foodservice my entire working life, all two and a half years now)


Just talk to your manager and be honest and they'll take care of you.

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In restaurants, shizzle happens. You make mistakes, you own up to them, everybody moves on.


Don't stress; you don't need to. Take it one day at a time. Don't think "I'm working five days a week" because you'll psych yourself out. Take it as "I work today", or "I don't work today" and go from there.

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