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To Hell and Back



Reasons for this entry has be a remark made by Jan on where he lives, my desire for a Tesla, and the road trip I friend of mine took not too long ago. I'll post a link to the last part of the video he made at the end of the post.






I dearly would love to own a Tesla Model S. Preferably the P85 version or the P85+ (though I would the rims to be replaced with the standard 19" rims instead of the 21"). Were I to live in Norway I'd have one now please.


Fully kitted out the price of a Tesla is about 117k in the US, that is excluding the tax break of $7.500 in the US. In Norway this is about the same. So why would I buy a Tesla in Norway? Well, because in Norway other cars are expensive, ridiculously expensive. A Porsche Panamera is taxed to the tune of 150k plus... Not really nice. Then the running costs i.e. gas, parking, and the like. The EV driver gets parking free, recharge free of charge, they can make use of bus lanes and the like. Living in Norway (and having the cash available) it makes perfect sense to buy one.


Jan likened the place where he lives as Hell. Never understood that but watching the video of Bjørn I understood. ;)


This is a screenshot from the video, so, "Yeah Jan, It Is Hell"




Lastly the video in question.


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I know that is Hell, silly. :P


I have been to that very station in the picture quite a few times over the years. That said, every time I have referred to Hell, I have done so because I go there several dozen times a year. :cute:

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