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My RuneScape story

Army of One


I was bored this morning, and decided to make this. I know RuneScape stories have been done before, but I want to make my own here.



I started the account "Tama Boy20" on the 26th of Decemeber, 2006, after numerous attempts at RuneScape, and unfortunately dying. My first death that I remember, was me walking down the road towards Al-Kharid. I passed the Al-Kharid mine, and saw some yellow rocks. I thought to myself, "Wow? Are those gold?" and went to prospect them. As I was getting attacked by Scorpions, I thought x-logging would save my life.

It did not.

This was on an account called "Daniel2072" which I still have the password to today, and I recently purchased the 5 year veteran cape on that account.

Anyway, on Tama Boy20, I did as any RuneScape noob did.


2006 is going to be a very short segment, as for Tama Boy, it was less than a week long.



2007 was probably the most fun I ever had playing RuneScape. Me and my friend, "Eddiefuse47" (the very one who introduced me to RuneScape) raced everything, and he always won. He always had more money, more skills, better items, and so the motivation to play and catch up was very real.


We once had a PK battle, and the gear I took is identical to what you see above. Bronze, leather chaps. He had Iron. It was a fun fight, and I took all my Chaos Runes - 4 of them - to try and kill him. Needless to say, ever Water Bolt I tried splashed, and he won.

I remember I tried to complete Dragon Slayer before him at one point, and in my haste attempted it with an inventory of Salmon.

Don't do that.

That's jumping ahead, though. As I played my way through the free game, I had some of the best experiences ever. I trained combat on the level 30 Zombies in the second level of the Stronghold of Security with Eddiefuse47. I later discovered the Hobgoblins on the Crafting Guild Peninsula, and it was there I unlocked 40 Attack and my first ever Rune weapon: my Rune Longsword.

That Rune Longsword has a funny story, actually. Eddiefuse47 actually bought it for me, because he had money, and access to the champions guild (where he got it from Scavvo for 32k) on the condition that I either give it back after a while, or buy it from him. So technically it was a loan. I decided that I wanted to buy it, but he changed his mind - he wanted it back. So very begrudgingly, I gave it to him. Which is stupid, cause he could of gone and bought another. But anyway, I gave him back the Longsword. He called me again that day and told me he'd traded the Rune Longsword for a Rune 2h Sword.

To this day, I wonder who was dumb enough to make that trade.

The day I beat Dragon Slayer was an incredible day. Even though it took me an inventory and a half of Lobsters, in my full Adamant and Rune battleaxe, I slowly chipped Elvarg to death. I gained 60 Combat from the XP reward, and I felt like i'd just conquered the world. And from here, I got a bit bored.

I can't remember how I made money, but I do remember how I was towards the end of 2007. I was rolling in full Rune, a Rune 2h, a Rune Scim, a Rune Pickaxe, and an amazing Rune Dagger I got at a drop party and never let go of. My main past-time now was kill the Moss Giants on Crandor Island, bury the big bones at a certain spot, and try to get the gravedigger random event. (I even did this with my broken arm. On the 7th of October 2007 I broke my right arm for the second time, in an accident involving a trampoline, me, and my dad. I had to swap the mouse to the other side of the computer and swap the mouse buttons around, but nothing was getting in the way of my RuneScape.)I had pretty much finished f2p, but then something bad happened.

Ladies and gentlemen, never trust anybody with your password.


December 2007

After my friend hacked me, I had nothing, and even though he gave me some of it back, all the rest had gone to his other friend, who was an accomplice in the hacking, had taken it all and it was gone forever. All my Ranged gear, my Rune, my Runes, and that Rune Dagger. RIP. To this day, he still owes me a Rune Platebody and 2 Rune full helms, alongside the other things.


It took me a whole year, but I managed to convince my parents to get me my first membership. This, I believe (give or take a few) this was the very square I was standing on, in this very gear, (except I also had an Addy H3 Kiteshield) that I first logged into a members world with.


Despite the hacking, that wasn't going to get in the way of anything. After getting membership for the first time, this was my bank.


My first membership experience was as follows:

I logged in in the Stronghold of Security, at the Minotaurs. I walked north, and left the Stronghold. I again walked north, and entered Edgeville Dungeon. I talked to Vannaka, with whom I had not spoken to in 349 days. I took the Enchanted Gem he offered, with my amazing new Crocodile Slayer task.

I ignored that for now. I went to Edgeville, where I met up with Eddiefuse47. He said, "wanna fight in wild"

I said "nah you can't do that anymore, they did some update where you can't pk now". If you do the maths, ladies and gentlemen, 349 days after the 26th of December, 2006, was the 10th of December, 2007, the day that we pay to pk.

We marched into the Wilderness nonetheless, with only 3 items of course. I wanted to check out the members portion of the Wild, anyway. We were walking together and all of a sudden, he dissapeared at the Dark Warriors Fortress, saying he got killed by "some level 105 mage thing". That was his first encounter with a Revenant Ork, but we didn't know it at the time.

I kept walking, and crossed to level 49 Wilderness. I walked passed the Rogues Castle, and I saw the Chaos Elemental in the distance. I"m lucky it didn't see me, as i'd of had no chance. I slowly edged around, and managed to avoid it completely. I made my way to the Deserted Keep lever, pulled it, and I was in Ardougne.

And then I got off, cause it was Bed time.


I slowly rebuilt, and my main money making method was Pest Control. I'd log in, kill stuff at Pest Control, get that amazing 690 GP per game, and repeat.

And so 2007 ended.



2008 for me was just like anybody's first membership experience. Doing Gertrudes Cat and Death to the Dorgeshunn, pickpocketing men, trying to complete Lost City with no idea how, going for 60 Attack for that Dragon Longsword, and so on. I remember one particular day in 2008.


On the day that RuneScape HD was released, I was facing that direction, on that square, in that gear. I remember it clearly, because of how big of an update it was. That day was a huge turning point in my RuneScape lifetime, despite the fact that there were no gameplay differences - it just cut a hole in the timeline, right between old, and new RuneScape.


But by miles, miles and miles and miles, my most memorable moment from 2008 (or perhaps, my entire career) was Desert Treasure.


I don't have any idea how I managed to complete that quest at the age of 11 years old, but I did. My fight with Fareed is particularly memorable, as it was so easy. I was dressed, once again, in that exact gear (except maybe a different cape, I cant fully remember) and the fight was a breeze. I prayed melee, and he hit me twice. Ever, With his magic attacks, he hit a 10, and an 11, or something similar. I just stood there for 5 minutes whacking at him with a Dragon Battleaxe, and he finally died.

The fight with Dessous was an interesting one. I remember the first time I tried to kill him was the day While Guthix Sleeps was released, as I remember attempting to buy a pair of Dragon Claws in the Grand Exchange for 200,000 coins. Needless to say, they never sold, and continued to rise to over 40,000,000 gold. They were expensive, man.

Anyway, the fight with Dessous took me a few tries. I first tried in Rune, with a Dragon Scimitar, praying Magic. It was a very close fight, and he was very near dead, but he finally won, and I had to teleport out with no food and low health. I was not very happy about that, so the next time I went back I went in full Mystic and Wind Wave. I dropped him stupidly easily.

By now, this was another very important point in my RuneScape career - I got my first Abyssal whip.


I tried to buy it at minimum value on the Grand Exchange, which didn't work, so I saved up some more money and managed to eventually get it. That whip was amazing, and I felt so pro with it - just so pro.

Kamil was another interesting fight. I didn't understand how hard the Ice Trolls were, so I re-banked after every Ice Troll kill. Remember, you have to kill 5. When I finally got to Kamil himself, however, I dropped him in 18 Fire Bolts. My friend, who was next to me IRL (Eddiefuse47, as a matter of fact) counted for me, so thats how I remember that. I also remember, I used the supplies that get given to you at the start of Zogre Flesh Eaters for this fight, as I was too poor to buy Super Restores after spending my 1.4m bank on a Whip.

And then there was Damis. Oh, boy, Damis. The first time I tried, It was going reasonably well. I got him down to the second form, and my plan was to use Earth Blast on his first form (which I did) and use Claws of Guthix on his second form.

That part didn't go so well.

I was safespotting Damis behind a Giant Rat, and the fight was going well. He hadn't hit me once, and the fight hadn't taken long already. I got him to his second form, and decided it was time to swap to using Claws of Guthix.

I don't know how this worked, but the first Claws I used, somehow missed Damis, and instead I attacked the Rat.

And killed it in one hit.

Now, as I was planning to safespot Damis the whole time, my supplies were minimal. I was not prepared for a second form Damis, who came lumbering towards me, to begin slashing at me with the speed of throwing knives capable of hitting 34's. Not even taking into account the Prayer drain. I for some reason had no run energy, and I high-tailed it back, walking, as fast as I could. Damis was one square behind me the entire walk, and that was an incredibly scary experience, as I had no food, and low health. He literally took half, if not more, of the Dungeon to finally disappear, and when he did, I homeported and didn't go back for a solid month.

When I did go back, I spent my bank on Prayer Potions and tanked all his prayer draining hits. It was far easier than I thought. But i still ran down the hall way screaming when I killed him.



2009 was an interesting year. 2009 was when I first discovered RuneScape YouTubers, and my first ever one that I subscribed to was Sparc Mac. Back when he had that Megan Fox background for his 2009 YouTube layout channel, and was gaining huge popularity with his Bounty Hunter and Ninja Turt'ling vids.

Other than that, not a lot happened in 2009. I did quests, levelled skills, and that was about it.



2010 was the year I finally started to get rich. In 2010, I discovered Cave Horrors.


I had so much fun killing them with my Penance Master Trident. That today still remains as one of my favourite weapons, and I am very sad you can no longer melee with it. I made roughly 9 Black Masks that year, so as you can see I did quite a bit of camping there.

Remember when Staves of Light cost millions?


I was very proud of mine. Hardly anybody knew at the time, but Staves of Light had a higher strength bonus than the Dragon Scimitar, and had a strength training option. I never understood why nobody used it, as it was a very good weapon for meleeing with.

It was also around this time that I came up with my new display name. I saw someone at the Slayer Tower one day with the name "Team of One" and i'd recently played the game "Army of Two" for the first time at a family friends house. I thought, hey, why not combine the two?

I was so stoked when I found out the name wasn't taken. From that day foward, I was known as "Army of One". The legacy began.

Eventually, I finally did it. I finally made enough money, and 9 Black Masks, and liquefying the rest of my bank, got me this.


My first Godsword. Back when Bandos Godswords were 21 million, I got it. I was so happy with it, but then I released that I was bored. I'd got my Godsword. What to do now?



2011 was the year I discovered Call of Duty. And what that meant was I basically stopped playing RuneScape. I let my membership expire, and I remember logging in about once to find myself in Lumbridge, being kicked from my previously members location.


So I logged out again.

I missed almost every update from that year, and I hardly remember a thing of it.



Roughly halfway through 2012, I logged back in again. There were so many new things - Taverly and Burthorpe were completely different, for a start, and now somehow freeplay?? The RuneSpan was another huge one, and what had happened to all the armour? It looked so weird now.

For the most part, I began playing again, but as a free-player, afking spiders in the third level of the Stronghold of Security. RuneScape for some reason felt like a different game now. I don't know what it was, but maybe that weird Squeel thing I spun once a day now had something to do with it. But I still kept playing, and re-activated my members again after a little while.

First thing I did was finish that damn Waterfiends task I'd had since 2010. I was really overdue there.

I had so much catching up to do - the Dominion Tower was something I really enjoyed.

While Guthix Sleeps was also a major part of 2012. That quest was the best on every level. Music, Gameplay, Story, Progression, Exploration, Bosses, Cutscenes, Characters, everything. It was such an incredible quest, especially for it's time - they haven't made a single quest better in 6 years.


And then a pretty big bombshell hit RuneScape that has still left warning signs up today.

The Evolution of Combat arrived. First beta, and then the real thing.

I was at first really not impressed with the EoC. I thought it was dumb, and stupid, and I cancelled my members. Something drew me back to it, though, and I tried it a month later as a freeplayer. I was using Rune gear, in the WIlderness Volcano against the Hellhounds, with every f2p Rune weapon you could get, trying them out, testing abilities. It was actually quite fun. I re-activated my membership.

And so 2012 drew to a close.



Almost exactly halfway through 2013, I got my own laptop. What do you think that meant? 10x the Scaping, 10x the gains. That thing allowed me to do so much more RuneScape, and throughout 2013 I made more XP and progress than I had the rest of my career combined. I hit 100,000,000 XP, I made mad progress towards goals, I got my first Chaotic, I got my quest cape, and the best thing about 2013? I got my first 99.


And you can't forget about RS3. That was a pretty big one for all of us. I become an active member of Sals forum that year, also, and become a big participant in the skill comps which are just over a month away from hitting a one year anniversary of a skill competition every single weekend, without fail.



And so we're caught up. Lots has happened so far - multiple 99s, I got my Drygores, I've made some money and a lot of levels, and I can really see myself maxing this year, if I try really hard and get it done.


And that is my RuneScape story.


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Great read. It's so weird to think that you started the day after I finished my first active playing stint, which was the day when my membership was supposed to run out.


At first I thought the pictures were bonafide you took them from those years, then I realized you used 07scape and retro armors :P

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I don't know how you remember all of this stuff. Great read! :)

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