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Another one of these



So yeah, been working at wendys for ~a month, sitting on a few hundred bucks, but I hate the hours and I have a few great co-workers, but one of them is kind of a bipolar dick whose getting promoted to asst manager so that's no good



I have Ramadan coming up, and don't feel like working 30 hours a week during it, so I think I'm going to quit



my finals are next week, and I requested off to study and take ample time to take them. I didn't show up to work today because I was feeling sick, and I called and nobody picked up



I want to quit, but I know I have to go in person and that's always awkward, I kind of want to call and get it over with but that's weak(also don't really need their reference to get a new job, a friend of mine said he could hook me up at McDonalds where the hours are flexible and you make them yourself)



So yeah. Also this girl I like I wrote about a while ago where I was a bro and when my friend said he wanted to go to prom with her I didn't intercede, well I think I'm going to tell her I like her next time I see her - although i don't think shes into me, even though she said she wanted me to go to prom with her + she seems flirty and always tries to poke me and hugged me multiple times out of the blue. idk though i suck at picking up hints




thanks for reading my petty-ass problems

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