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Beating the Heat



Simply put, I'm looking for a fan. Right now I'm looking at tower fans. I've heard tower fans are quiet, which would be ideal for night, which is when the fan will probably be used at the most. But I'm also concerned about how effective they are in cooling a room. Anybody's opinions on fan's would be welcome. I have been looking at reviews online, and I know this sounds weird, because it's not like I know you guys that much better from the people writing the reviews, but I really want opinions from you guys, probably because I can ask questions, and will be more likely to get a response, lol.


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Im assuming u mean one of those tower block fans rather than a blade, personally i wouldnt bother.

They will start to generate noise over time, admittedly less but nothing with moving parts is immune to wear & tear & loosening.


Most of the noise you get from desk/tower bladed fans can be fixed with simple maintenance, remove the covers, clear the dust, & tighten the various fittings - its just that most don't bother & u end up with the constant eggbeater sounds we all know.

The real choice is in whether you want to save money & do a little bit of work regularly to maintain a cheaper standard fan, or spend significantly more on something that allows you to be lazy, but when it breaks WILL cost you $$$ sending it away for repair.

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