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Died @ Jad



For those who aren't rolling on the floor laughing right now from reading the title, I died at Jad :( :crying: :( :( :cry::censored::grindteeth::madsing:




Yeah, and this is RS3 we're talking about. I never tried it before because I just frankly did not think it was worth the effort, obviously in 2006 and even in 2014. But I got a challenge from Kuradel and took it since I was bored. People didn't seem to think it was too difficult either.


Well, they were right. I got through the first 62 waves without eating any food. I think I used the Guthix blessing ability once. When I got to Jad it was fine too. I killed the healers and everything but apparently I took too long. I kept killing the Jad and saw the healers appear for the second time. I was seriously confused since I thought they only appeared once. During the mass confusion I didn't properly use prayers and died. I read up on it afterwards and apparently if the healers heal Jad to full health they will appear again. I spent around 1.5 hrs getting to that point, and just thinking about what I could have done with that time besides pointlessly fighting easy monsters makes me pissed.


I don't set goals usually, but this has made me create a goal of getting the fire cape before the little boys and girls start heading back to school. If I don't this could possibly be the last time I fight him and I don't want to finish it like that. I'll wait until I get another Kuradel challenge, and if I fail that I'll just do it once a day until I get it.


On a different note, Legacy combat comes out tomorrow. Yay! (?). I think I'll kill Tormented Demons until my Akrisae (new barrows armor) degrades fully. I'm also interested in setting up a freeplay PK trip in a Legacy world. This would give a lot of you guys mostly familiar with PvP from warbands/eoc to see what team pking was like before EOC. Anyone up/down for that?


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The one reason I've never gotten to Jad yet is because of how many unnecessary waves you need to fight through.

There should really be a "Hard mode" like they have with the Troll Invasion, where you can shorten it to 20-30 waves, but have a lot more stuff coming at you per wave.

That's literally the only reason I still wear an Obsidian Cape after 6 years.

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It only takes an hour and a half to get to Jad now? Man on my only attempt it took me ages, and I had to take breaks in between because of how long it took.

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Aw sorry about Jad :( What I do with the healers is hit each of them once so they focus their attacks on you and stop healing Jad, then just go back to fighting Jad. The damage they do is negligible so it's easy to tank and they won't be healing Jad anymore/respawning.


I'm also interested in setting up a freeplay PK trip in a Legacy world.

Hell yeah! That'd be a lot of fun.

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Wow does fight cave really take that long now? I think it used to be 40 mins pre eoc. I cant believe eoc would make it slower.



and eww f2p no

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Wow does fight cave really take that long now? I think it used to be 40 mins pre eoc. I cant believe eoc would make it slower.


It doesn't. It's just [obviously] faster if you have high-level gear and experience with the fight caves.

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Don't worry Sobend, it's stuff that happens. I remember dying in a similar manner Pre-EoC. Was doing great against Jad but did something wrong against the healers somehow because they respawned and got so frustrated I ended up messing the Prayer switches.


It's a walk in the park if you have Obsidian armour, or at least it used to be. When I was getting an extra Fire Cape for the Fight Kiln and got to Jad I stopped Prayer switching halfway the fight because it wasn't worth it. I just protected Magic/Ranged (can't remember which) and tanked the other combat style.

So yeah, get Obsidian armour. I wasn't that hard to get and it's pretty good.

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I was going welfare. Staff of light and ahrims. It's the best gear I have and I didn't see the need to buy something more expensive.


It took me awhile to get there because I used the regenerate ability religiously, so I had to wait to get out of combat stance like once a wave.

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Meh who cares if it took you longer to do it than all the efficiency pros out there. It's not a friggin' race, just do it in a relaxed manner and take your time.

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