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life update



i havent done an actual life update in a while


1) depression is at an all-time low, still anxious as fudge about everything tho

2) my parents told me that if i lose weight and stop being fat they will pay me, so ive been losing weight. when i finally reach my goal weight ill be given $2K

3) my weight loss method is the ketogenic diet, it sucked for the first few days but then it started losing weight and it was all good

4) my sleep habits still suck and there seems to be nothing i can do about it, i was prescribed klonopin but i got addicted to it really badly so i was taken off that, was given trazodone and that did jack shizzle, my pyschiatrist doesnt really want to keep trying pills so i just have to find some other way to sleep like a normal human

5) in the best couple months ive been to 6 different therapists, a lot of them seem to stop caring about what i have to say as soon as i tell them im gay, one of them even said to me "well lets work on fixing that" when i told them. woohoo bible belt. the one therapist i visited that was cool with me being gay was gay himself and he got creepy really fast.

6) im starting to get way better at bass and have been practicing playing jazz, my dad keeps telling me how bad i am and its getting really annoying.


in non-reallife news, ive been playing lots of path of exile and would love some ppl to play with.




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Sounds like you're heading in the right direction, even though you feel crappy. Keep at it, things will turn around :)


As far as sleep issues, maybe Benadryl or exercise?


I used to abuse benadryl a lot and it got to the point where i would need to take like 10-15 to even get a little bit sleepy


exercise is something i already do, ive been walking/running a couple miles a day(at least i try too), doesnt help at all, i still stay awake for 16+ hours.

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Watching reruns of Leave it to Beaver works way better than any sleeping medication and you get no tolerance to it. Trust me, it's the way to go.

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