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Just over a week left!!!



Just over a week until I start this new chapter in my life. All I need left to do, that I can think of, is find myself a printer, preferably an HP or Canon printer, I've just been looking at reviews, and I think I have it narrowed down to 2 choices. Also still looking at fans. I am really interested in tower fans, because I have heard they are quiet, and some have a timer on them, though, I also have heard they don't do as good as job at cooling the room. But I definitely want a quiet fan, since I will mostly be planning on using this at night.


I still need to get a job. I've been thinking about jobs quite a bit, and something I have noticed, is after my experience with my current job, I'm kind of nervous about what my new job might end up being like. I'm also worried about how work could conflict with my homework time.

I've been trying to think of way I could walk to campus, as I will live only a mile away, and won't mind the exercise.


Well, as for my current job, I got fed up this past week and told a manager I was going to walk out the next day. But all ended well, thanks to the effort of one of my coworkers/best friends.



I know I made another blog about fans a while back. And some of you responded. The Dyson fan is definitely out of the question. Idk about the box fan yet.


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