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... This might be a stretch...



But for senior year, we had to order shirts - I didnt buy one from the girl who made them, figured I'd make it myself - I have the design, can anybody help me out(forgot I was incompetent)?






Also got a job at Jersey Mikes Sub, walked into the store to ask about applications then they said I can start tomorrow. It was the owner, wife, and another guy, and they seemed nice so I hope the work environment is good.




Been working out, dieting getting swole, lots of league of legends also been playing some 07scape on the side


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You are probably better off just buying one. Will be cheaper. Those shirts are way better than mine by the way, ugh.

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If you have a clean flat image maybe try getting some of those print sheets you then just iron onto a tshirt etc. They don't last long but are cheap enough with a dozen sheets + to a basic pack ( depends on maker).

Before you go ahead with that though, cost a shirt & the necessary supplies vs. what they are charging & if any are left from over orders, often for a short charity/support run the "proper" supplier will do it for cost/minimal profit & to save a couple of dollars for you the result might end up looking very shoddy ( + the short life mentioned before).

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That reminds me how awful my senior shirt almost ended up being. Couple of the girls in my class spent ages looking up stuff for them, and when they finally showed the guys we just went nope and spent about 5 minutes picking one that looked normal.

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