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Skill Training Guides



Hey all I'm going to be updating skill training guides in the coming months. Most skill training guides are missing important information or need a total overhaul.


Agility - Not horrible, but missing a few courses.

Construction - I'm not great with construction training (I got to the meager level I'm at now mostly through warbands and I had level 45 construction pre-warbands) but I'm guessing training hasn't changed much. But I will look into it; if you know more please say so.

Cooking - There are a few things on here that should not be used for cooking training at all, like making cakes/pizza. Also doesn't mention how cooking with fires provides more experience, which is important to note.

Crafting - Likely needs to be partially rewritten. Missing too much information.

Farming - Needs to include new seeds, contains unnecessary informaiton, will need to be completely rewritten.

Fishing - Not horrible, missing c2 fishing though.

Firemaking - Missing bonfires, pyrefiends, and Herblore Habitat. Needs to be completely or mostly rewritten since much of the information is useless now.

Fletching - Missing broad bolts, one of the most popular ways to train this. Other than that, not too much needs to be added, although longbows = shieldbows now and I think maple shields should be listed to a (very cheap) method to 99. I was surprised to see an old friend of mine as the author.

Herblore - Yuanrang's once state of the art guide now needs to be completely rewritten, to put it bluntly. Extremely outdated; for example it still mentions unids instead of grimy herbs.

Hunter - Needs skillchompas, pawyas (?), and Herblore Habitat

Magic - Should be completely rewritten. Not super useful now with the EOC.

Mining - Not horribly outdated but needs LRC

Prayer - Obviously skill training for this hasn't changed much. Needs a few more bones and ashes and that place in the Lumbridge Swamp for low level training.

Ranged - Another once state of the art guide that needs to be completely rewritten due to the EOC

Runecrafting - This is the one guide I'm not going to touch because of the link to the Runespan in the beginning, which is the best way to train this skill hands down.

Slayer - This was rewritten with the release of EOC. Not much needs to be added, but it's missing automatons, celestials, and airut.

Smithing - Notably missing Artisian's Workshop

Summoning - Costs are outdated, but training is not too outdated. Will need a few corrections though.

Thieving - Missing monkey traders, thieving guild, and dwarf traders. Few things need to be removed, like random events and some useless information (does anyone actually train at the rogue's den?)

Woodcutting - Needs ivy, elders, crystal trees, c2 woodcutting, and arctic pines.


There are a few universal things that need to be included as well like D&Ds (warbands, god statues, etc.) and miscellaneous things (like citadel training). And obviously pictures will need to be updated.


It's a lot of work and I'm going to need some help with the best training methods. I will likely ask around in the cc. I will post a topic for each skill when I am updating them. Please read it and tell me if I'm missing something. The quick additions will be done first, while rewrites will be done last for sake of time.


I will be doing this slowly until now and the fall, but I will speed it up during December (similar to what I did with the quest overhaul last December). I have a few more quest corrections that need to be added to the site before I continue with this.It is expected many new training methods will come out with Prifddinas, so I will probably wait until the first part of the city comes out.


If you want to tackle a guide by yourself, feel free! No really, feel free! :P. It's a lot of work, and while I'll try to do a lot myself I would really appreciate it if a few people knocked out a few guides.


As for other things, we need bossing guides and also further dungeoneering add-ons. A few members of Sals have shown interest in writing a few bossing guides or have already started, which is good. If that doesn't pan out, I am slowly working up to getting the levels and (mostly importantly) equipment for non-high level bossing (like God Wars and QBD). Demi bosses also can be done. However I won't be able to do this probably until next summer, considering I am extremely busy right now both IRL and with this skill training rework. Dungeoneering most importantly needs bosses and puzzles, which I am submitting material to but it's not my main project.


tl;dr I am trying to update our skill training and other guides and if you could help out that would really help out!

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I'd do it too but I kind of suck at skilling so it would be a little irresponsible of me to try :P Really hope you can get some help though

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