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Those following along pt2

Sir Beck


Hello, dear Salmons. It is I, once again.

Yes, I'm alive!

I bring you greetings from my new University. I transferred because I felt like I was crushingly alone, really. The town is much nicer, too.


Let's backtrack though, because you've missed a lot.

Over last spring break I came out to the rest of my family. It literally went better than I had hoped, which is sad, because I actually came out the other end with ONE supportive parent. Dad... Well I'm still on his health insurance, which is good. I doubt I'll be seeing him in the future. I wasn't kicked out of the house, so I guess this is as good as it gets for me.

Mom is great. She tries to understand, She's terribly confused by sex, and she's completely loving and supportive. My grandparents, her parents, who we live with, In the summer, were the opposite. Something about being a godly person and living an overcoming life. They might get it eventually.

I worked over the summer and all I have to show for it is an apartment here with my best friend. Living is expensive, but this isn't an opinion essay. Working also got me out of the house, or as I call it, the emotional sewer.


Mom thinks I can and should repair all the broken ties I've made (they've made and I've let stand). I keep coming back to a single question: Is it even worth it?


I've quit runescape, it's nonredeemable, and so long as they continue to have people like me that think "oh it's not so bad" they will continue on this path. More on that later, as always.

University is great, I'm only two weeks in so I haven't really met a whole lot of friends, but I'm at least no longer depressed. The feeling of isolation is behind me. I'm now an English Major (ha). I still plan on programming for fun/ profit, but I'll go my own route on that, because I also want to write books, opinions, essays, etc.


I planned on this post being like 10x as long, but I feel I've said all I need to. Life is looking up, and plan on seeing me in the forums, and contributing to the site somehow probably.


Before I go for now, Thank you for being an awesome community that just happened to be filled with gay guys.


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