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The day has finally arrived. No, not Max.

Army of One


Yesterday morning, I awoke early and decided to get on RS to finish off 99 Construction. I logged in to see a treasure hunter key I had forgotten to cash in the night before, so I used it... and my blood ran cold.


My heart froze, and I began to go into some kind of mental breakdown. Despite all my feelings, my hatred, my repulsedness towards the cursed Silverhawk boots, the item that wiped my goal of top 100 on the Agility hiscores from the face of the earth, the item that created a new generation of lazy, the boots of which I have received taunts about for many months... Jagex refused to hear me, and I was granted with a pair of my own.

I ran to the bank, and put them in there right away. I know I could of cashed them out, but for 50k? There's no real point. Smiley was quick to congratulate me, to which I found a little disturbing... Silverhawk boots are something to regret, to despise, not to love and use.

Have I even worn them? No. They might contain about 400k Agility XP for me, free of charge and effort, but there is no way I would even consider it. To wear the boots would be hypocritical to everything I stand for, including my well-known (I think) attitude towards them in the clan chat and rant I made about them in the May Santafish Monthly. Right now, I am trying to think of a creative method to rid these from my account with something simpler than "destroy", so perhaps you might see me suicide with them later on. Who knows.

I'd ask you guys to help me boycott the boots, but there's no chance.


Even as I write this, look at this disgusting, filthy, MAXED human being siphoning the XP from his boots that Balthazar gave him. Don't even get me started on Balthazar... I saw he was giving out tens of thousands of pairs and instantly lost major respect from both him and Jagex. They're supposed to be exterminating the Silverhawks from the game, not promoting them for a solid month... when about 4 Sallers won them the first week it was another traumatic experience.

Sorry for the rant. It just had to be done


Recommended Comments

I'm pretty indifferent about these boots. Jagex keeps butchering skills. Look at Runecrafting. Runespan basically changed the entire skill.


My favorite skill used to be mining, but in 2009 they killed it and made it some generic afk skill with LRC. Thats one of the reasons I play RSC: you know they'll never kill your favorite skills.


So basically I had a similar beef with LRC when that was released, not as outward as your dislike of silverhawks. But at that time I was freeplay for years and didn't think I'd ever play Runescape actively again. So I got over it quickly because it wasn't really relevant to me, and whenever they kill a skill now I'm just like eh whatever, another one bites the dust.


To me though, they killed agility when they made run energy ubiquitous. When I first got members I got to 70 agility within a few months due to its usefulness in general but particularly mini-wars - Micael and some others can attest to that. It was incredibly useful, but when they made it so you can run everywhere the skill became useless to me and I have no idea why you'd get it past 70 or so now, unless you like training it or want to max.


As for getting rid of them: feed to baby troll is only creative thing I can think of, although I don't know if you want a baby troll named Silverhawk Boots.

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