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Why Hello There

Gary Oak


This is another Dyrus Vlog


Been browsing lately, and haven't posted in a while.


Moved into my own apartment on campus this school year. Focusing more on typography in my design classes this semester (I have to trace 10 fonts O_O). Dating a girl I met via Tinder, and things are going great between us so far. Overall, I've been doing pretty well. ^.^


Just thought I'd say a few things since I'm still frequenting Sal's. Anyways, I bought Destiny and despite mixed reviews, I have to say the game is fun. Despite the repetitive content, the entertainment value of the game is high. The PVE can be challenging as the new raid system is being initiated. The PVP can be inconsistent, but that is what makes it more interesting in that you have to plan out which guns you will use from what distance.


So if you have a PS4 and Destiny, hmu :D


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Nice man good to hear things are going well for you. Don't forget to visit us once in a while!


I've been hearing a lot about that game (Destiny) lately, half of EoS seems to be obsessed with it. Must be really good.

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