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Yay! This bonus XP weekend I got from 78-92 Summoning, which is good for me because now Summoning is no longer my lowest skill.


Getting for 78-88 took around 30 minutes. I used this fast method I think many here are aware of but I'll explain it anyway. Basically what I did was bring all of my crimson charms, spirit shards, empty pouches, and noted granite to this one area. Then I sold my granite to the guy with the summoning icon above him (a few people were selling to the wrong guy, Pickupstix, who is a few squares away). Then I bought it to unnote the granite, quickly made the pouches, and deposited them into the portable deposit box (I used somebody else's but I was ready to use my own). Then I bought my granite again from the guy and repeated the process. As the guy you sell the pouches to never moves and the deposit box is right next to you, you can gain millions of summoning experience without ever moving. This method makes upwards of 10,000 pouches per hour. I sold 500 granite at a time. The unnote trick works on most secondaries, but for some secondaries it can be expensive. For granite, you sell for 1 gp each and buy for 1 gp each, so there is no loss. If you are going to do this, make sure you bring some extra secondaries because the shop gradually drains away your stock.


I did this for all of my crimson charms but I couldn't do this for my blue charms because I was making obsidian titans and their secondaries are untradeable. So I did the TokKul-Zo and fairy ring method because I couldn't be bothered with buying a kyatt pouch for 30k.


So in short:

Crimsons (Granite Lobsters): 78-90

Blues (Obsidian Titans): 90-92


Oh and I almost forgot... the Mighty Smarty Jones!



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Congrats on the summoning and being a double xp prod with it like I was! (Enlightenment) If I recall correctly I went 92 to 99 in two days, in only 3 hours of training it lol.

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Yeah Smarty Jones!!!! He was brown though :(

He's picking up new colors since he retired from racing.

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Bosses usually I guess, I'm not exactly experienced considering I unlocked Pony the same day as you lol. :P

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Only time I ever used Uni to any semi-decent effect was Rise of the Six (still didn't get a kill but that isn't the poor pony's fault) and at the Fight Kiln before I had Yak / Titan.

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