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4 Years Later



Remember when I was like 15 and I was panicking to build a budget computer?

Good times.


Anyways, ordered parts over the shopping holiday for pseudo-upgrade.

AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE -> Intel i5 4690k

Asus AMD whatever Motherboard -> Asus Intel Z97 whatever Motherboard

XFX Radeon HD 6790 -> MSI GTX 970

Cheap NXZT Wierd Looking Case -> Fractal Design Define R4

4GB DDR3 RAM -> 12GB DDR3 RAM -> Nothing New

Cooler Master 700W PSU -> Nothing New

Every Hardrive -> Nothing New


Might get a watercooler for my CPU sometime in the spring.

Maybe better fans.


Recommended Comments

Very nice. The PSU seems overkill though, I can't imagine you'd need more than 500W.

That's what they said 4 years ago also.

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