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Skill Training Guides 3



Here's a list of guides that I don't find my self rewriting because I barely train them


Not going to rewrite any time soon:

  • Construction. This skill doesn't need much of a rewrite though because it's barely been updated since release. Maybe a few things like God Statues.
  • Farming
  • Herblore

Here are skills I could rewrite but don't want to because I'm not great at them

  • Crafting - got most of my levels off the citadel skillplot and the bonus experience from the citadel
  • Fletching - I don't train this often but it's not difficult to train, so I'm sure I could figure it out.
  • Summoning - however like construction this skill has not been updated much since release and there aren't really new training methods, just minor things like familiarization
  • Smithing - Not great at the Artisian's Workshop
  • Thieving - Not great at coshing and blackjacking. Also how do you trap dwarf traders?

I'll probably end up doing one from the latter list because I don't think we'll find a writer for every one of them.


Also here are skill training guides that I'm not going to rewrite but other people have volunteered

  • Agility- Army of One
  • Hunter - Army of One

Gocart has promised to rewrite FM training many times but keeps procrastinating so if you see him in game spam his PM about it. Maybe he can do crafting training too???


So over the following month(s) I'll mainly be working on the three combat style training guides and also brief updates to prayer. I also plan to update the regular skill guides.


Here is a list of all of the skill training guides.


Recommended Comments

Dont think fletching training has really changed since rs1 anyway.

Well its missing broad bolts.

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