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Guess I should post an update

Gary Oak


Sup guys. Been a while since I last visited Sals. I've been pretty busy lately so I thought I'd just let you all know whats up:


-School work got piled up. Had multiple projects going on at the same time and required a lot of work. Made a 43 page manifesto and an infographic.

-GF problems. Like, I dated her for a couple of months and then she just avoided me. Its complicated. We're currently waiting for her schedule to clear up so we can talk.

-Started live streaming on twitch. I find it fun and hope to make a part-time job out of it. I mainly stream WoW or LoL. I do console streams every now and then.

-Semester ends this week and Winter break begins. Plan to do some personal projects over the break and visit my friends up in Nevada.

-My checking account is fudgeed up. My mom accidentally deposited one of paychecks without knowing I deposit them through mobile deposit. So I'm currently fighting with my bank letting them know the fund were never transfered or cashed. They don't believe me because they closed the case before the check had bounced. They claim the check did not bounced, thats why they took money out of my account. Again, complicated shizzle.

-Currently in the playoffs for my fantasy football league. Its my rookie season for this league, and I'm actually doing really well (will finish top 4).

-Discovered a bar with an awesome local orange-brew that's probably my favorite beer so far.

-Went to a League of Legends viewing party for the first time for the World Finals. Was an epic night. Got tons of stuff from posters, a poro, and free stuff. First gaming event I've been to. Definitely going next year.

-My Jeep reached the 225k mile club. Still runs smooth (except for the "death rattle" which i plan on fixing over winter break).

-Started working out more. Trying to get in shape after minor depression set me back for 2 months.



That's about it. Next semester I'm going to be learning some simple coding and web design, so I'm looking forward to it. One of my classes will deal with augmented reality, so really looking forward to that.


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If her schedule is too busy to even talk, it sounds like she's still avoiding you.


I also went to a LoL viewing party for the first time to watch worlds, and it was great fun. Our table was probably loudest and drunkest, and we won prizes for most enthusiastic.

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Yeah. But typically I'm the one that doesn't really care. We hadn't talked for like a couple of weeks and then I get a text from her during Thanksgiving basically confessing her love for me. We talk during the week, and then silence again.


I'm just pretty much on ignore mode right now.


And should be hearing about my bank account this week. So hopefully they resolve it.

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