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Exiting 2014

Army of One


And so, my blog will now have existed within four separate years. 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015. Crazy to think about – I still remember my first post, wondering what it was like to be in on this blog game, and see if I’d get any recognition within the clan at all. That was the time that I stopped lurking, and became an active member of the forums – 2 and a half years later I still think that it’s one of the best choices I ever made. Even if I haven’t posted much the last couple of months, or hardly this year at all even other than posting my opinion on certain music releases, through here and you guys I’ve gotten advice, support, (with the addiction thing), views on RuneTrack pages (sorry for abusing you all) and gotten to know some of you better. Which is awesome. I remember this time last year me and Dei Wei were fighting it out for the second time trying to win the Hunter competitions. Those were some seriously good times back then.


On the 31st of December, 2013, my stats stood as so – four 99’s. Defence, Divination, (which I can easily say was my RuneScape highlight of 2013) Firemaking, Agility. Now, on the 31st of December, 2014, my stats stand as so – twenty-six 99’s. Defence, Divination, Firemaking, Agility, Hunter, Woodcutting, Attack, Fishing, Hitpoints, Strength, Mining, Thieving, Crafting, Magic, Summoning, Cooking, Dungeoneering, Slayer, Herblore, Ranged, Farming, Runecrafting, Smithing, Fletching, Construction, and Prayer. Consecutively, in that order. 110 Dungeoneering. 33,700,000 Divination XP. 50,000,000 Defence XP. 29,900,000 Hitpoints XP. 20,370,000 Hunter XP. I got my set of Drygore Maces. Ticked off a giant list of Comp cape requirements (despite there still being many, many left :/ ) Hopefully this time next year I have at least one 120 Cape, (which looks like it might be Defence) the Noxious Longbow I’ve been wanting for a while, and perhaps even a Completionist Cape. Not seeing that one happening, though, as my RuneScape schedule is going to be vigorously stretched over the course of my final year at highschool.


Which brings me to the real life section – I’m now the class of 15. Final year of highschool this year and I’m planning on making it a blast. So many awesome things have happened this year – I got into writing more (even if I haven’t done much in the last two months) formed a few solid friendships I didn’t have the year before, had an awesome time in school, and also met someone and started a relationship in the middle of November (: I thought 2013 was a good year, in which I also made some really good friendships and also I believe matured far more as a person than I ever had in any year, and made some great memories, but this year was even better. I definitely had a better New Years this year – last year I typed ‘happy 2014 Sals’ in the clan chat and went back to training Hunter. Tonight I went out and everything so that was awesome (:


And finally, a few other things that happened this year – in relations to the clan, I was offered both site-editing powers and a Clan Avatar Warden rank. I’d like to thank the staff at Sals for offering me these roles, I’ve been honoured to accept these and attempt to make the site and the XP gains respectively for everyone else better. I joined Sals a mere 14-year old Lurker with a 30 post count (lurked for 3 years) and now i’m definitely very happy to say I’m a noticed member of the community who’s made an impact on the halls of Sal’s Realm, a place I’ve known since I was 11 and loved since I was 14. Cheers guys! Here’s to ’15 (:



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