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Does anybody even read my stuff anymore? :p



Sorry, couldn't resist putting the title up.


Anyways. Second semester at my new college has started, and let me say, I am loving this life. If it weren't for the fact that I think about one of my coworkers alot, it would be perfect. I have been getting into the habit of procrastinating on homework, and job hunting. The majority of classes I am taking this semester are boring. I also love the fact that I only drive my car twice a week, so haven't even used 1/4 of a tank since I came back from break 2 weekends ago.


As for relationships, cause I always have something to say about that part of my life..lol. Like I mentioned earlier, one of my coworkers has been on my mind alot lately, even though we don't see each other anymore, since I moved to college. We have kept in touch, though it seems whether she wants to talk to me is an off and on kinda deal; some days we will spend half a day texting each other, the other days, she doesn't respond at all to me. I have also become best friends with her sister. But she just got into a relationship.


Back to my education. I am undecided what I want to do when I get out of college, outside the fact that I want it to involve Photography or video editing. First thing is first though; graduating. I have been doing great at this college, and would have had all A's, if not for my Statistics instructor being a horrible instructor. But I still have the feeling that I'm not going to be good enough, and I am a bit worried about what my future holds for me. Has anybody else experienced that, when going through college?


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Sweet, keep it up. Yea the future can be scary who knows what's gonna happen. Pretty exciting though.

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Sweet, keep it up. Yea the future can be scary who knows what's gonna happen. Pretty exciting though.

Yeah, I'm hoping it will be good.


I am really disappointed in myself though, for getting my hopes up into this girl. I have pretty much given up on relationships now. Just isn't working for me.

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Absolutely - I didn't go to Uni or Art College after school because I was worried I wouldn't be good enough.


25 years later, I gave it a go, and ended up with a first class honours degree and a masters with distinction.


Now I'm worrying about not being good enough to do a PhD...

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