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life updates



hey guys i dont visit here anymore which is very sad because i used to like coming here and had people i was fond of

playing minecraft on sals server (thanks Zooey) was lots of fun but when everyone stopped liking mine craft and stopped playing it was sad.

all good things come to an end i guess eh????

which reminds me i broke up with my gf earlier this year for good reasons, i didn't tell her some reasons because they were really harsh and didn't need to be said but yeah she was cray, for instance said if she 'needed' me i have 2 drop all my uni work to go over to her house and comfort her even during exam periods which was like wat


i still always think about what if i didn't break up with her & stuff u know?? I'm glad i did but it doesn't stop those thoughts which are annoying


gorgeous girl from work initiated convo with me and was all like love hearts and everything i was like wot this is nice but when i asked her 2 grab a drink wit me she stopped replying which makes me sad because she seems cool even as a good m8 u know


i kissed a diff pretty girl from work but she bad kisser like pecking the whole time no deep long kisses y u do dis it was a big turn off


I'm at uni doing my dream course so I've got that going for me, which is nice.

Made some uni friends but then uni friends made friends with this other guy who has like turned them against me and now I'm excluded from outings all the time.

also excluded from high school friend outings because of situation with gf (long story)


Bought a snowboard about 9 months ago, finally completed it last sunday with the purchase of bindings and boots. So happy. Hopefully I'm invited up by one of my high school friend who has a house near one of the resorts. if not i will be sad and that will be the last straw, i will complete stop communication with high school friends if i get excluded from that because he knows how keen i am to get up there


family is annoying. i like dad. my mum and older brother constantly singling me out & blaming me and telling me off and criticising me when older brother does the same things or worse. dad gets it but does nothing because he's always travelling for work


I'm getting a nicer body though I'm trying to keep working out, if any1 has any questions i can help i know my stuff

:- ]



sorry about no full stops or commas i did this with one hand in bed I'm very lazy

trying to 100% borderlands 2 at the moment

6 week break from uni at the moment thats why

so long

so awesome

dont really want to go back to doing work first semester was quite hard a lot of work was done

for art last year in high school i made 2 folios throughout the whole year

made one in this semester in under 3 days

like crazy man


I've got no money owe my parents $1400 for rego and insurance for car. once i pay that off rego and insurance will be due again probably, my life is a cycle

work starting to give me some shifts, not much but its something

and then need money to go to snow very expensive here.




TL;DR Life's going pretty well. Just need a bit more money so I can go to the snow this season and also go out with friends occasionally.


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You should announce your absences in case we decide to make you president again. -.-

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sorry about no full stops or commas i did this with one hand in bed I'm very lazy


what was the other hand doing....

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gud to hear ur doing gud m8. i'm liking uni so far, tho i should be studying for me exams but whatevs its only first year


cars are 2expensive4me luckily i live close to public transport so it's nbd and more money for cool stuff like superman pyjamas. do you drive to work/uni?

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oh nice i already finished i had 2 do a portfolio and 1 exam.

how many exam do you have?


no luckily I'm at RMIT so i can catch train it very exciting, so fuel is not a big deal!!! dont spend much on it at all


i also have superman pyjamas and i like them

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4 exams :c


i catch the train to uni erry day too, it's about an hours journey total (incl. bus and train) so it ain't too bad but if u got classes at 9am it sucks (luckily i didn't :P)

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what uni u going 2


i hav 9:15am classes erryday whoops


doing computer science??

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