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Around, quit runescape because It was boring, sals because the community died and went south to my eyes

The friend chat was dead so I bounced and have been in real life, going to college and trying to figure out what I want to do with my life

Have changed massively personality wise since I was 14 years old. Although I'm still prone to typing



I might start playing Runescape again, if RS3 is any good,(I've never played it) or play osrs

So that's about it

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The clan chat is still pretty active if you do decide to play RS3

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I think both Rs3 and OSRS have good aspects to them. I prefer OSRS and you might too if you really liked the old game.

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I do like OSRS but I dread the thought of retraining myself from nothing,

Not that I was any good at training in the first place.

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