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I've bought a three month membership so I guess I'm playing again, I've spent my spare time in the past week mostly Slaying and Dungeoneering. One thing, though, I feel like it's time for a new username. Daddy Rune0 is stale and, let's face it, completely irrelevant to everything. To my knowledge I'm not a father, and I'm not rich enough to be a "daddy". I'm trying to think of a new username, suggestions, guys?


Also, what's up with Divination? I'll train it regardless, but what are its practical applications?


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Also, are there any good, active Sal's Realm friends chats? I still get a bit of activity from TSG in my Clan Chat, but Sal's Realm friends chat is dead. Any good channels? There used to be a couple from this community, even if not the official one. The community is what makes MMOs fun, iirc.

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The Sal's Realm clan chat is still alive and well. You can join as a guest.


Divination has uses in skilling and combat. For example you can get things that automatically heal you when you reach a certain health threshold and an object that will bank your items for you.

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