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Raids and Completionists

Amber Pyre


Time for a RuneScape rant!

Today I'm going to be ranting about the Completionist Cape and the fact that there are people who want Raids to not actually be a requirement for the untrimmed Completionist cape, and why it's really dumb to only make it a Trimmed requirement.

And good god, my last post to this blog was in 2013. Where the hell did that time go?


The main argument against Raids being a Comp Cape requirement seems to be that it does, in fact, require teamwork.

Well, goddamn, what a nightmare! Completing a multiplayer game requires you to work with a team! Who'd have ever expected such a horrifying situation?

Most of these particular complainers fail to realize that, were Raids to be shifted to Trimmed Comp for this reason, then we'd also have to move a number of requirements over to Trimmed Comp for consistency. Namely, the following Quests would no longer be associated with the Completionist Cape's untrimmed variant:

  • Shield of Arrav
  • Defender of Varrock
  • Hero's Quest
  • Legend's Quest
  • Curse of Arrav
  • Temple at Senntisten
  • Dimension of Disaster
  • Recipe for Disaster
  • While Guthix Sleeps
  • Ritual of the Majharrat
  • Royal Trouble
  • Throne of Miscellenia
  • Blood Runs Deep
  • Glorious Memories
  • Branches of Darkmeyer
  • The Light Within (which hasn't been released yet but is confirmed to require some of those other quests)

After all, if we're moving one piece of content to the Trimmed cape because it requires teamwork, should we not move all Completionist requirements that can't be done alone to the Trimmed cape for consistency?

Now, I do get the people who actually argue that it's very difficult to find and coordinate a competent 10-player team for Raids without being expected to use voice communication or whatever it is the elitists are doing these days. That's fine. I get that. But as Raids become older content and people find strategies that work for them it should naturally become much easier to organize kills of the early bosses, and really the bottom line is that if you aren't willing to complete this multiplayer game, then you don't deserve the cape that says you finished the game.


Some minor arguments that started popping up around the time Raids were released seemed to be based around the fact that Raids are hard.

Really? Tell me more about how easy getting 99s in every skill in the game was far easier than any boss. Tell me about how easy it was to finish every quest.

Once again, Raids will get easier as they become older content, and once again if you're not willing to finish the game you don't deserve to be called Completionist.


I dunno, I'm never going to have the Completionist Cape, and it's not because of Raids. It's because it's not physically possible for me to sit and grind every skill out to level 99 and retain mental health. I just can't do it, but even then I will try Raids once I reach the end-game, and when I finally get with a team that beats all the bosses I'll be satisfied with my achievement and glad I actually did it and didn't pay someone to let me leech.


TL;DR butthurt elitists want comp cape back but don't want to earn it, they're dumb.

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Once again, Raids will get easier as they become older content, and once again if you're not willing to finish the game you don't deserve to be called Completionist.


This. So much - the cape has no meaning if it cuts out requirements of major game updates for players to wear it. Also raids aren't even that hard now that people have had a few weeks to figure it out.

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