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It's been awhile since some sort of site update so here it is. There haven't been many guides lately besides guides for new quests. You might be wondering why. The reason why I'm not writing much in terms of guides is because I'm stuck. Our most outdated portion of the site is the skill training section. I said I'd clean this up a bit, which I did a little, but the truth is that I suck at getting fast XP. Whatever I write won't be good and probably not worth the time. What we need is in-depth analysis of skill training methods, which I can't provide, hence I'm here sitting on my hands. I think I should spend my time on other things, not writing about subjects I know nothing about.


Anyway, I think I'll break out of this rut. I plan on at least one guide this month. This is a TOP SECRET idea I've had for awhile and I plan on going through and writing the guide. There's also a new grandmaster quest coming out this month and I may write a guide on that too if no one else wants to. So you should see a total of at least two new guides this month. I also am considering writing range/magic training anyway because they're important and I already wrote a melee guide. Besides that, I think I'll stick to updating a few things like skill guides and calculators.


What do you think of the Santafish Monthly? Do you want to see it continued? Do you have any suggestions in what content it should have? The September edition is already planned but ahead of that we have nothing. It's possible that it would be the last one if we heard people say "yeah, just stop."


Clan-wise, we're also probably going to start holding more events in terms of minigames and maybe bosses. For fun purposes only. In the past there have been some attendance issues, but it's time for another shot. Likely to be held on a bi-weekly basis.

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Please end the Santafish monthly so you can't pressure me into writing for it anymore. :pirate2:


I would write more guides but I basically quit rs3 so that kind of ends that. I'm about to go f2p anyway. I was in the middle of doing Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza, but yeah I quit rs3. Guess I could finish that

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