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Master Quest Point Cape



I've just found this in the RSOF:


http://services.runescape.com/m=forum/forums.ws (If that doesn't work the QFC is 373-374-5-65659523)


As a quest cape owner I'm really looking forward to this and can't wait for it to come out! There isn't a definate list out yet but from the current list they have I'm going to try and complete as many of them as possible.


By the way if you did click the link ignore the first set of requirements, the revised list if near the bottom of the first post. If your too lazy or that link didn't work or whatever I'll put the current list in a spoiler. (It's in that wierd colour because it's copied and pasted directly from the post in the RSOF.)



All quests complete

100% completion of every Fremennik saga

Completed Stronghold of Player

Safety & Stronghold of Security

Gained max Varrock Musuem Kudos


Minigames, D&Ds, and Activities:

Completed all Court Cases

Claimed an Enhanced Fire Cape override

Fully completed Temple Trekking

Lit the whole Beacon network and claim all three rewards from King Roald

Defeated the Phoenix once after In Pyre Need

Trimmed back the Jade Vine once (claimed the higher experience reward)

Unlocked the Firemaker's Outfit from the circus



Unlocked the Abyss

Completed the 3 Buyers and Cellars capers

The Curse of Zaros complete

The General’s Shadow completed

Completed Doric & Boric's tasks

Put Clarence to rest

Hopespear's Will complete

Koschei's Troubles completed & all Kharshai's Memories unlocked (all Balmung colours)

Unlocked the Purple Cat

Found the Hidden Ga'al and read the Ful bookshelf

Rag and Bone Man & Fur'n'seek wishlists done and killed the Skeletal Horror once

Completed Sheep Shearer & Witch's Potion

Completed all Quest reworks that can be replayed

Obtained a Distorted Engrammeter on Freneskae (completed Mahjarrat memories)

Completed the God Emissaries miniquest by unlocking all pages of the Book of the Gods.



Unlock the Vyrelord title

Unlock the Annihilator title



Completed the Azdaran document

Completed the Voice of the Elders in Prifddinas

Cleansed the murals in adamant dragon dungeon and Mount Firewake & updated the Dragonkin Primer

Given completed Scabarite notes to Abigail

Found Sakirth, Strisath, and Kalibath's Journals and Phalaks' Experiment Log from Adamant Dragons

Found all of the Bandos Memories

Claimed the Zaros and Seren head overrides after Fate of the Gods (unlocked all Freneskae Memoriam Crystals)

Vorago's introduction dialogue

Unlocked all non-easter egg Prifddinas Memoriam Crystals

Used The Measure to find the four Elder Chronicles

Used Elder Divination to find the Elder Chronicles

Adamant/Rune dragon journals (Forcae's journal), 10 pages total, 1/20 drop chance

Last riders (KBD), 1 book, 1/1000 chance to drop for everyone

Dragonkin journals (QBD), 4 journals

Chronicles of Bilrach, Kal'Gerion Notes, Stalker Notes, Behemoth Notes (1/4 drop chance)

Marmaros and Thok letters, 10 letters, 1/1000 chance to drop for the whole party

Misc. journals 1 through 15 (boss monster drops, drops for the whole party) - 1/1000 drop chance

GWD books, 5 books total, 1/64 drop chance

History of the Order (Asc. Dungeon), 22 pages

Mazcab stone fragments (5 in total)

Dominion tower journal pages

Ancient Cavern pages

Voice of the elders (8 parts, Prifddinas book)

Kaigi's journal pages (4 total)


Misc. journals 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20 not included due to drop rate ranging from 1/10000 to 1/50000. This is the exception we are going to be sticking with because such highly luck based factors is not one of our intentions.



Post-Quest XP Rewards:

Claimed 400k experience following While Guthix Sleeps

Claimed the XP reward after Blood Runs Deep

Claimed experience from Daero following Monkey Madness


Post-Quest Rewards: (Xp lamp claims, items, and abilities)

Unlock Char's training cave and make a Zaros symbol

Digsite pendant ability unlocked

Helm of Trials unlocked

Claimed Ancient Bones from Father Aereck after The Restless Ghost

All rewards unlocked from Dimension of Disaster, including the tasks

Unlocked all Death of Chivalry post-quest rewards (Xp, Gilded Cabbage, cosmetics)

Fairy Tale III post quest rewards (incl. all experience and items claimed and excl. tooth creature)

Obtained the Holy Cithara

Opened all chests after Dishonour among Thieves

Claimed 10k gold from Bill Teach after Rum Dead

Obtained a medium XP lamp post-Heart of Stone

Unlocked the ability to chip teleport tablets

Unlocked the God Wars Dungeon teleport spell

Unlocked all rewards from Missing, Presumed Death

Fate of the Gods post quest rewards (XP lamps, helm of Zaros, Crest of Seren, 6a-circuit upgrade, Sliske's Gift)

Gained access to the secret treasure room post-Diamond in the Rough

Gained access to the secret treasure room post-Do No Evil

Get all experience from the cave paintings in the Land of Snow and return the Yeti Dung to Explorer Jack

Spoken to Azacorax after Rune Memories and gained Prayer or Magic XP

Claimed all One of a Kind post-quest rewards

Gained the extra constitution XP after Song from the Depths

Plague’s End post-quest rewards (Ability to grow 3 spirit trees and XP lamps)

Unlock the ability to trade noted artefacts to Simon Templeton

Create the Big Bowl for Tears of Guthix

Read and unlocked the Tune Bane Ore spell

Claimed and read the Codex Ultimatus

Claim your free Elite Clue using Ava’s Alerter after the Do No Evil quest

Claim the gems hidden in the demon throne after Shadow of the Storm


Post-Quest Tasks:

Unlocked all routes in the Balloon Transport System

Collected all of Blood Pact’s demon statuettes.

Completed Broken Home post-quest challenges and opened all chests

Completed 5 supply runs after Death Plateau

Given the Apothecary Herbi Flax's diary

Found all Enchanted Key treasures

Fully enchanted your broomstick after Swept Away

Unlock the full power of the Ivandis Flail (500 Vyre Corpses)

Caught Thalassus 10 times

Delivered 25 chimp ices

Killed 4000 chompies

Engraved all of Dororan's jewelery

Kill the Cave Wolf Matriarch again for Claus the chef after Carnillean Rising.

Unlocked the ability to purchase full white armour

Put Arrav to rest after ROTM

Unlocked all Rogue Trader merchandise

Open the Dragon Forge

Killed Tarn Razorlor

Fully upgraded Pig Creation machine

Killed all post-Smoking Kills bosses

Gained access to yak shop

All Wilderness spirit realm portals unlocked

Unlocked all the Eagle Transport routes

Returned Mabel's Ring after Love Story, and chop down the Guard’s tree

Fully looted Movario's base

Opened Uglug's Stuffies store

Completed all activities in Guthix's shrine

Illuminate all six the God books.

Claim a Kipple Nano pet after Heart of Stone


Requirements that need further investigation (they might not be tracked hence couldn't put them as requirements):

- Met Philipe Carnillean at all currently available locations

- Took the Big Rock with you after King of the Dwarves

- Visited and unlocked all Fairy Ring locations


Recommended Comments

Seems too much like completionist cape to me. I'd rather see something like all quests, sagas, miniquests, and varrock museum completed only. Wouldn't be overpowered or anything because you have to complete 200+ quests to get it.

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Seems too much like completionist cape to me. I'd rather see something like all quests, sagas, miniquests, and varrock museum completed only. Wouldn't be overpowered or anything because you have to complete 200+ quests to get it.

I do like some of the extra requirements, as I'd see them as being "total completion" of quests, like keeping the King of the Dwarves rock, but I think anything other than stuff you'd encounter during a quest, miniquest, or the museum (which itself is a miniquest) is too much.


Like, putting Arrav to rest, that's fine.

4000 chompies is not.

Found the Elder Chronicles, that's fine.

Talking to Vorago is not.

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The ones I don't agree with are the chompy kills (too much like a completionist task), the illuminated god books (need amazing clue scroll luck or a stack of cash) and any of the books you get from drops. Everything else I think they should keep.

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