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Converting from Fahrenheit



So I was looking at an interesting recipe that had oven temperatures listed in Fahrenheit, so I typed "225F" in Google to take advantage of Google's quick converter.




I'm not even mad, magnificent love-childs (for the record, that'd be 107°C, or "just above boiling point" in cooking instructions)


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I was gonna question the accuracy of that conversion, but then I realised that silly euros use a comma instead of a decimal point.

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Also, wikipedia basically says that when his wife died, after a nanosecond's mourning he entered TOTAL SCIENTIST PARTY UP IN THIS nice doggy! WOOOO mode


Thomson's wife had died on 17 June 1870 and he resolved to make changes in his life. Already addicted to seafaring, in September he purchased a 126 ton schooner, the Lalla Rookh and used it as a base for entertaining friends and scientific colleagues.


Drunk scientists travelling around the world discovering new species and making up new physical laws whenever weed was available, aw yiss

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so apparently schooner was referring to a ship not a massive glass of beer he named Lalla Rookh

who are you to say he DIDN'T have a massive glass of beer on board

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