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If you are from the UK read this pls

King Mic


Hi all, how've you been doing?

Going to be direct and straight to the point: I will have two weeks of vacation sometime in November (what a great month for vacations...), and while it's far too soon to say if it'll be possible (I'd say the chances are about 70% no and 30% yes) I was thinking about travelling to the UK.

It's basically just a crazy idea at this point, the time I'd stay is not set, I have no clue how much money I'd need, if I'd travel alone or accompanied by my brother and/or friends alternatively or just plain alone (call me a coward but travelling alone to a different country terrifies me lol). So a lot of incognites as you can guess.


My question is, if it were to happen it'd suck to miss the opportunity to meet up with Sal's friends. Communication would be horrible sure, as I've never had to use English my entire life. I have no clue if I'd be able to understand any of you (ayy lmao) or if I could make myself understandable. :P

So how many if any of you would be interested in meeting up even if only for a couple hours to have a drink or something, maybe show me some places around and make me feel less alone if I end up travelling alone? :P


Another question is about distances. Say if I were to go to London (which seems like the obvious destination) how difficult would be travelling to say Wales, or Northhamptonshire (hope I spelt this right)? Would a clueless tourist be able to manage or I'd need like a guide or something?

I have childhood friends living in England, one in London and another in North[insert-rest-here], but they'll probably be busy with work most of the time and won't be able to chill around much during the week.

Anyway at this point it's just an idea basically, far from becoming reality. Just thought it'd be nice to have an idea of what to expect.


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Your written English is very good and you can't distinguish it from a native speaker. So if you can somewhat translate this to spoken communication you will be fine.


As for travelling around the UK. The best way for a tourist to travel up and down the country would be on trains. You can get from most cities to other cities fairly easily on trains and get to/from London easily from most places. Travelling via trains with probably take 3-4 hour at most, travelling around England, unless you are travelling the length of the country.


If you do end up coming to the UK and end up the Stoke area I would happily meet up with you are a few drinks.


If you want any advice I will be more than happy to help.

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Your written English is very good and you can't distinguish it from a native speaker. So if you can somewhat translate this to spoken communication you will be fine.
Ay, there's the rub (cit.). Sometimes, for us ESLers, it's much easier to translate a concept in writing since you can take your time and edit your sentence at will, just as I did, whereas spoken language allows for no such luxury. We make ourselves understood, but we're dreadfully afraid of royally messing up and therefore stumble here and there.


omg silverstone
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Turns out there are a lot of Stokes in the UK. Having trouble finding the correct one using Google maps. :P

If it ends up happening I'll most likely land in London, from there I'd like to at least get to near Liverpool, seeing as it is close to some other Sal's members and to a place in Wales I'd love to visit in a personal quest of mine. :P

Should be lengthy though, I can totally see a London-Liverpool(ish) trip taking a while.

Would be awesome to meet up with you Dei!


@ Dani - Aye. That's my problem too. :P Here I kinda have the extra seconds to type proper legible and structured sentences that make sense. But irl I'm sure it'd be different, would be annoying takes a few seconds to think about what I want to say and how I want to say, conversations would be/will be slow and awkward as heck. :P

And then there is what worries me the most - not actually understanding you guys. I've never used English properly, so I'm not accustomed to the language. I fear I won't understand a thing, and won't be able to pronounce the words correctly. Like you guys surely won't be able to pronounce my name correctly because you're not used to making the sounds used in my language. Same will probably apply to me, I'm sure a grand majority of English words sound differently in my head than in reality, and even the ones I know how to pronounce properly I will struggle to make the correct sounds. :P

I speak English with my brother once in a while when we don't want the people around to understand what we're saying, and my voice sounds different as heck. Like so much older and weird. :P

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I fear I won't understand a thing
do not go to Liverpool


you will understand nothing


you'd have better chances of understanding a drunken Welshman

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Speaking of drunk Welshmen, like in Wales they speak English too right? I mean, it's pretty much a thing in Wales to speak both Welsh and English as primary languages?

Like in, say, Catalunya where they all speak Catalan and Castillian?

Because it'd be awkward as fk finding myself in Wales and not being able to understand a thing lmao.


Thanks Kamil, wish that worked but unfortunately it's not a valid option for me! :(

If it were that easy (for me) games would have trained me well enough to understand English, I'm afraid it's something I'll only properly learn when I get thrown to the lions.


My brother is supposed to be doing an internship in Nov, but he's going to try to make up some excuse to get a free week and accompany me. :P

He isn't sure it'll work yet, but assuming it does then the probablities of the trip should increase at least a good 40% amounting to a very solid 70%.

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I'd be happy to meet up if you come down south! They speak both languages in Wales, people will be able to understand you so dont worry!

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I'd be happy to meet up if you come down south! They speak both languages in Wales, people will be able to understand you so dont worry!

Also remember to express your appreciation for sheep!

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