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UK part 2

King Mic


6th (after work) or 7th November (in the morning) is the day I'll invade. Invasion is 100% guaranteed at this point. :glasses:

Staying for 5 days with maybe 4 extra if things go super well. Will be poor by the end of the trip (rip). Let's hope it ends up being worth it. :P


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Remember, it's illegal to die in Parliament, so, if you're going to steal stuff there, policemen will be forced to use nonlethal methods, allowing for a much easier thievin'time

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Already got everything ready, including plane tickets, hotels booked (in both London and Wales), train tickets, hidden razors to hijack the plane, Winter clothing and all of that.

Now the wait, the insufferable wait.


(Also I'm totally going to travel around Wales in a Dragonborn shirt to assert dominance)

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Little bit North isn't it? Don't think I'll be able to get there. :(

Though if you're willing to travel to Wales to meet up or something I'd pay for all travel costs, but that's the best I can do really. :P

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