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Digimon MMO

King Mic


Any Digimon fans here (that 90s cartoons that rivaled with Pokémon, except more awesome) who'd be interested in a Digimon MMO? A couple friends of mine are running a guild and we're doing some heavy recruiting this Christmas, including a tutor system to teach new players everything they need to know about how to play the game.

Addiction is not required, you can be a casual player who visits once in a while only if you wish. We're just trying to make the community of the game grow, because it has such awesome potential and unlike Pokémon who has hundreds of succesful games this one is one of the few Digimon games with potential to last and be enjoyable. In short a group of people are trying to create a community for a game of a cartoon/anime series they grew up with and has lots of nostalgia value for them.


Let me know here if there's anyone interested in giving it a try and I'll personally teach you everything you need to know as well as provide you with the means to have an enjoyable start without having to go through the initial painful grind before the game becomes fun.


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That's alright, if you ever decide to give it a try let me know! I've made a few friends in the game, but I'd feel a lot more confortable with long time Sals friends like yourself around. :)

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