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Hey. I posted here 1 year ago or something.

Another, I'm still alive update.


Last year I posted my new computer build or something. That i5 wasn't enough to handle my Twitch.tv streaming quality I wanted so I upgraded to an i7 (Got it for a 238$, what a steal!).

I got an A in a "weedout" class (Operating Systems). I felt really proud about that. Still taking CS at UT Austin.

My Pandora station is messed up, I keep trying to fix it but I feel like I'm making it worse. Keeps playing songs that are too old.

I'm living off campus in an apartment now. Never expected me to get to that point in life so early. Always thought I was going to be the kid who stayed in the dorms forever.

Alexander Savage 3 is torture. (ff14)

I've been watching a lot of Kamen Rider. Watching through Drive and Ghost right now.


Merry Christmas (a bit late), Happy New Year everyone.


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