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How's it going



It's been a while, hasn't it? Just thought I'd drop by and see what this place is doing. It's unbelievable to me that I came upon this place nearly ten years ago. And remembering what it was like then and seeing me and one other member online now. It's nothing new but still so weird to see. So how's life?


Obligatory rifle pictures:


Edit: I might've had a bit to drink a while ago and might ramble a bit but...

In the first image I've now got a x7 magnifier in front of my red dot for target shooting and a bipod attached to the bayonet lug. You ever shot steel targets? Guaranteed you feel like Annie Oakley because the feedback from the steel plates making that pinging sound is addicting. And in the second picture I've got a bayonet for funsies courtesy of a coworker. I'd never seriously put it on for anything but it just looks so right lol. My goal in life is to someday own property that I can shoot on. I love feeling the concussive force each round puts out, I can feel it in the ground through my shoes. And because thanks to Russia I can shoot my rifle as cheap as any .22 can. :D


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Hey vog! crazy that no one plays mine craft anymore too, you guys ran a server and everything it was nuts.

hope you're well




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